Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Second Time Lucky, Harold?

Circle May 21st: that's what Harold Camping
reckons is Judgement Day.
Harold, an 89-yr-old Californian preacher, is certain on that day the world will be hit by a violent quake (*yawn* not another one?), graves opened with sinners' bodies strewn about (messy messy!), and believers scoring a ride on the Heavenly Escalator.
Camping reached his conclusion after more than 50 years of Bible study, applying mathematical calculations to the prophecies. He calls the recent spate of disasters - as well as social movements like gay pride - "grim reminders" that the end is nigh.
Mind you, he first predicted Doomsday for September 6th 1994: the Almighty must have been on vacation that day...
Harold runs Family Radio, a global religious broadcasting organisation. He expects to watch things unfold on tv as the massive earthquake hits us in NZ first - about 6pm on May 21st - then gradually rolls around the world (Awww! That's soooooooo unfair! We kiwis only get to see the opening credits before we star in the first scenes of total obliteration!).
"Pending Apocalypse" themes pop up whenever times are troubled. GNS Science seismologists say there's been no increase in quakes in NZ, apart from in Canterbury. And the US Geological Survey says earthquakes of 7+ have remained fairly constant this century. It puts the perceived increase down to more monitoring, improved communications and an increase in populations. least with May 21st being a Saturday: most of us will have the day off to watch it! And if it happens, we'll be spared the boredom of the General Election in November!!
And if Harold's got it wrong again...there's always Plan B: the ancient Mayan "end of the great cycle" on December 21st 2012. Can't wait!

PS: 20 May 2011 - How "Armageddon" theories gave birth to cornflakes! Quick, read this before Doomsday tomorrow!!!
PS: 22 May 2011Beware false prophets!
"We can't go to Heaven just yet: little Timmy needs to go to the toilet!"

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Anonymous said...

Of course now that the world did NOT end, Harold will be saying it was all his PRAYERS that saved us!!!