Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feeling Blue...

Nothing pleases me more than discovering a useless piece of trivia I've never come across before...
I'll nonchalantly drop it into a dinner party conversation sometime in the future. Mind you, I've dribbled out so much trivial rubbish at previous dinner parties that the invitations are drying up! So instead, I'll post that trivia in my blog when I have nothing better to write about - like now!
So here's this pearl of wisdom – New Zealand is the only country that predominantly writes in blue ink. I know! Who'd have thought! While the rest of civilisation is scribblin' away in black and various other colours, we koiwois reach for the blue ballpoint. This piece of trivia is courtesy of BiC (the pen makers), which ran a nationwide campaign planned to mark a certain *yawn* global rugby tournament upcoming in September.
Eeeeee, by gooom, I remember when I were a laarrd and started work in an office. We were not allowed to write in red ink - that was for auditors - nor in green ink - that was for the accountant!
Go figure!
But even earlier in primary school, when we were progressing from pencils to fountain pens (that's ink, for those too young to know), the lefthanded among us - dragging our hands as we did across the page - kept smearing the ink before it had dried. After regularly cracking our knuckles with rulers to fix our satanic behaviour, the nuns belatedly clicked to our problem...and we lefties were elevated (long before our righthanded peers) to the lofty heights of biro pen usage!
There was a classic old TV ad (methinx filmed on the Pukekohe raceway): a sidecar team racing by with a BiC pen scrapping along the tarmac at high speed - and still writing perfectly afterwards! Couldn't locate that one, but do you remember this vintage ad with a BiC strapped to the heel of a Spanish dancer?


Timespanner said...

I put up with blue -- but given the preference, I always go for the black pens. Not sure why ... inner rebel against the average, maybe? It just looks clearer. Mind you, I remember in Economics class in third form, when they taught us all about the mysteries of cheques, blue pens were recommended as they couldn't (then) be photocopied so readily. Then the spoilsports brought in colour copiers, didn't they ...?

Writer Of The Purple Sage... said...

Eeeee, by goooom, them there were the days, like!