Friday, August 22, 2014

Get A Life!

Distraught fans of NZ's longest-running soap Shortland Street have been pouring out their grief...yes, GRIEF!...on-line!
Doctor Sarah Potts (Amanda Billings) was killed off in an episode this week.
On a tribute page created for the character, hundreds of fans voiced their shock and sadness at her death, such as:
"Sarah, you didn't deserve to go that way. RIP. Many thoughts to the rest of your family. From Larissa."
Reshma was obviously traumatised:
"I was shocked when I learnt that Sarah died. Feel for TK (Potts' husband). Now both of his wives have died. RIP Sarah Potts".
Ngaire got even more swept away, quoting Elton John:
"Her candle burned out long before her legend ever will, aye."
Sarah Potts died of a deadly virus which had swept through the hospital. After contracting the disease from a contaminated syringe, Sarah isolated herself in a lab and desperately tried to find a cure. When she finally found one, it was too late to save herself but she managed to spare all those infected.
*gulp* She died... *sob* ...a HERO!
And...OMG! So...this is just like...y'know...Ebola!
*sob* Doctors dieing the world!
The real tragedy is: these fans seem to believe that Sarah Potts was REAL! And how perverse for TV2 to establish an on-line tribute page, to milk this group grief!
Actor Amanda Billing won numerous awards for her character, who first appeared in September 2004. But distraught viewers should be reminded that in the 2006 Shortland Street Fan Awards, Sarah Potts was also voted the 'character you'd most like to kill off'.
Well, fans, ya got what ya asked for.
You're not in Guatamala now, Doctor Potts!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Close Call In Faroes

They came from everywhere!
Last Tues.12, a pod of pilot whales was sighted off the southern Faroese island of Suderoy at Tvoroyri. As Faroese headed towards Tvoroyri, the whales moved towards Hvalba, the most northerly of the beaches on the island.
Sea Shepherd's land-based volunteers saw locals with their killing tools heading to Hvalba, as the Faroese police dispatched a helicopter from Torshaven.
A police roadblock prevented SS land crew from following the whalers to the beach (even though whaling beaches are not closed during a grindadrĂ¡p). Some of the SS team managed to reach the beach prior to the roadblock, but were aggressively removed by the police.
Hvalba: not normally shut down...
By then, the Suderoy grindmaster had left with three boats to intercept the whales and begin to push them towards the beach.
Meanwhile SS's vessel Brigitte Bardot arrived, and saw three inflatables and a Naval vessel standing guard.
Shortly after, a Danish frigate entered the bay. The land volunteers saw people swarming in from other locations on the islands, carrying hooks and knives.
Just as BB arrived, the grindadrĂ¡p was called off by the grindmaster, citing bad currents: some disgruntled locals accused him of calling it off because of SS. Whatever the reason, the most important thing was that the potential slaughter was averted.
A year ago to the day, 450 pilot whales were slaughtered at Hvalba. In 2014, 87 volunteers and six boats stood guard for the whales.
No conflict. No killings.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Date Of The End Of The World!

We're all gonna DIE!
Planet Earth may be obliterated by an asteroid!!
And the boffins can even give us the YEAR this'll happen!!!
But don't worry: you and I will be long gone.
The coneheads reckon the Big One will happen on 16 March 2880. Riiiiiggghhhttt...
Of course, this is assuming we haven't poisoned, blown up or right royally fucked the planet over first!
However, good news is: scientists are also closer to working out how to stop this asteroid. Researchers at the University of Tennessee have found that blowing up the space rock, like in the movie Armageddon, could cause several collisions with the Earth...and that's not a good thing! So they feel the way to avoid calamity is to make changes to the surface of the asteroid in order to break it up in outer space.
The chances of Asteroid 1950 DA hitting Earth is 1-in-300, which the eggs reckon is small risk. But check out the stats:
This big rock has a diameter of 1km (3,280 feet) and is travelling at a speed of 14km (8.7 miles) per second. It'll hit Earth at around 61,000kmph (37,900 miles per hour).
The force of the collision would be like 44,800 megatons of TNT exploding and result in tsunamis and a huge change to Earth's climate.
OK, I'm rather glad I won't be here that day...