Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Evidence Or Conspiracy?

A by a 'truth activist' called Scootle Royale (True!! Or is it??) is circulating on the internet. Royale got fed up with people ridiculing his conspiracy theories: "Theories this, beliefs that. One word that never comes up is evidence. So I made a video simply called Evidence, loaded with documented facts."
The subjects in Evidence include the demolition of the WTC, climate change, the JFK assassination, the Bilderberg Group, the New World Order and Globalism, the Flight 253 Bombing, naked body scanners, George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and as current as the recent Haiti Earthquake.
If you research his claims you may rethink your position on conspiracy theories! The sources and links for the video are here. Worth watching, whether you agree with Royale or not...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Music and Food: My Favourites!

The good...and the badHe may be 30 years overdue, but the man we all loved as Cat Stevens makes his New Zealand concert debut in Auckland on June 29th (then Christchurch July 2nd). With such '70s hits as Where Do the Children Play, Father and Son, Wild World, The First Cut Is the Deepest and Peace Train, his albums have proved enduring classics. After converting to Islam in 1978 and taking the name Yusuf Islam, he retired from pop music, but has returned to performing in the past 10 years after having the Islamic position on music clarified.
Meanwhile the TV chef we all love to hate, Gordon Ramsay is also coming in June (for a series of gala dinners in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, June 22-24th). The celebrity chef, famous for his reality shows Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's Kitchen and The F Word, will deliver keynote speeches, hold Question Time for assembled diners...and hopefully not swear too much.
Hmmm, wonder who'll generate more interest?
PS: 17 May 2010 - Gordon Ramsay has cancelled his Christchurch event.
PS: 21 October 2010 - After rescheduling, Ramsay has pulled out again! WTF?
PS: 05 Dec.2010 - Ramsay being sued by promoter for pulling out of his NZ events.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

outta sight...outta mind?Imagine if every person on earth was given 45kg / 100 pounds of plastic (that’s the equivalent of how much new plastic will be manufactured in 2010)...and told to go to their nearest stream, river, beach or stormwater drain...and dump it there.
A shocking thought...yet that's essentially what's happening right now, every single day. A large percentage of the world's plastic ends up swept out into the oceans, and eventually swirled together within a massive area dubbed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I blogged about this in Oct.2009 but, as a lot of people hit this site for details about it, I'm happy to provide more info...
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch represents an environmental disaster for the oceans, far worse than a ruptured oil tanker! When sampled in 2001, the Patch yielded 3kg / 6lbs of plastic for every 500gm / 1lb. of plankton in the water - a 6:1 ratio of waste over life! That figure will be worse now...
The patch is not stationery, but sometimes drifts into landmasses which have begun to resemble landfills. It moves slowly clockwise, creating a lazy whirlpool that draws in garbage from other parts of the ocean. Most of that debris is plastic, which is not biodegradable. Organic material and debris from other sources eventually break down but plastics don't, although they do break into smaller and smaller pieces.
The environmental risks posed by the Patch are huge. The area supports minimal marine life, because the garbage patch restricts the limited area of water in which photosynthetic organisms can live. Other marine life including birds, mammals, fish, and jellyfish also suffer because they mistake the garbage for food. The garbage also carries a hidden payload: oily toxins accumulating in the floating plastic. These toxins are absorbed and concentrated by the plastics, which are in turn eaten by unwitting animals.
Some scientists fear that increased knowledge about the issue is coming too late, as clean-up of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch may be impossible. The issue highlights the growing problem of ocean rubbish: possibly the only solution now is for consumers - and me - to reduce the amount of rubbish we create, and recycle wherever possible.
Here's a [link] to a recent 10-minute video about the marine research organisation Algalita...and a [link] to a report on Good Morning America. Please share with others...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Seeing Red Over White Poppies

Wall of RemembranceA Wellington peace group is facing incoming fire over pushing in on the RSA's red poppy appeal.
Peace Movement Aotearoa (PMA) sold white poppies last Thursday – the day immediately before the RSA Poppy Day (which was today)! Organiser Edwina Hughes says white poppies have a long history promoting peace and believes the two appeals can easily co-exist. Money raised by the white poppy appeal goes towards local peace scholarships, whereas red poppy revenue supports RSA welfare work for elderly veterans.
James Austin, CEO of the Fundraising Institute of NZ: "There are few things more sacred to New Zealanders than ANZAC Day and RSA members who represent those who've served our country. They deserve respect and space to arrange their own street appeal to support veterans and their families without potential conflict. A white poppy appeal the day before the red poppy appeal is confrontational." He says it’s intolerable that an organisation not registered with the Charities Commission can collect funds from the public in direct competition with a registered charity like the RSA.
Atomic cloud rising over Hiroshima, August 6, 1945Veterans' Affairs Minister Judith Collins criticised PMA for lacking respect for war veterans and trying to profit off the RSA appeal, saying they clearly pulled a stunt and should find another date for their appeal.
I personally feel it's far more appropriate to hold it on Hiroshima Day (August 6th.). Until 2008, this is exactly what they did, but deliberately moved it last year to coincide with Poppy Day. Selling white poppies on Hiroshima Day would both highlight the nuclear misery and be a more poignant association for PMA, however coinciding with the RSA's main fundraiser is nothing but cynical piggybacking.
PS: 24 April 2010 - Today's NZ Herald editorial sums things up well.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Promiscuous Women Rock Our World!

Baby, you rock my world!A senior Iranian cleric has stated categorically that immodest women acting promiscuously cause earthquakes!
Hojatoleslam Kazeem Sedighi: "Many women who do not dress modestly…. lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which consequently increases earthquakes." [Note: no suggestion that young Iranian MEN act this way – it's the WOMEN to blame!] Due to the preponderance of misogynic mullahs and regressive Shariah law, women in the Islamic Republic must fully cover their hair and body contours in public but many - especially teenagers - disobey this, and have been caught wearing tight coats and scarves that show their hair. *Shock!*
Sedighi says if women continue to act this way, earthquakes will come. The proven fact that Iran has hundreds of fault lines means sooner than later Tehran WILL be hit by a 'quake...which of course will enhance the cleric's position, allow him to piously state: "See? I told you so"...and then restrict women even more.
Q1: are Iranian "tarts" to blame for all the 'quakes around the world? Or are each country's own vast contingents of "slappers" at fault? (If so, there must be a helluva lot of "immodest women" across the globe because we've had quite a few earthquakes over the last few months!)
Q2: if promiscuous women do cause earthquakes, what part of Iran's nuclear promiscuity might lead to a bomb detonation, hmm?
Q3: (a serious one) how well does the Western world really understand the thinking of the Iranian leadership on all questions large and small?
PS: 21 April 2010 - Yesterday, the "South Park" cartoon drew death threats from an Islamic website!
PS: 26 April 2010 - In a lighthearted attempt to debunk the misguided cleric's claim, today is "Boobquake Day"! Of course, if no major earthquake occurs today, SOMEONE's gonna look pretty silly, isn't he!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'South Park' In The Gun...

The guys who make TV's South Park cartoon could be killed for depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a bear suit!
A New York-based Islamic website,, warns the creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker could suffer like Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh (murdered by a radical Islamist in 2004, for making a movie featuring a beaten naked Muslim woman covered in writings from the Quran): "...they will probably wind up like Theo van Gogh...this is a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them." The anti-South Park post includes audio from a sermon in which the speaker says assassination is justifiable punishment for those who defame Muhammad!!
Who killed Kenny?Freedom of expression is such a fundamental part of Western society, that many have difficulty understanding a nation or a movement without that cornerstone. To our minds, that freedom allows South Park to poke fun at politicians, nationalities, religions, gays... anything the authors think might raise a laugh with its audience. But that can also raise the ire of those who don't have that same freedom, or indeed that same sense of humour – that may hold as "sacred" the very topic of a satirical cartoon.
However, should creators of this type of product have to avoid particular subjects for fear of retaliation? Conversely, should they be capable of writing humour without resorting to this sort of antagonism?
But is Muhammad in a bear suit really worthy of assassination? Is everything about our diverse humanity off-limits to humourists, in case someone somewhere is upset?
Should we all just lighten up and laugh at ourselves a bit more?
And, final question: who killed Kenny...??!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Speak - And Ye Shall Find...

Last Sunday, NZ Herald columnist Deborah Coddington highlighted declining speech standards of tv journalists and presenters.
This is not just an on-screen problem: tv voice-overs are often guilty of sloppy duck-shun, caused by that Great New Zuld affluction, "the dark L" (or in koiwoi-speak, "the dark ul") - the result of a tight jaw and a reluctance to move mouth, tongue and lips to shape sounds.
EG: a current tv trailer enthuses about a band I thought was named after a young horse – no, it's called The Cult (koiwoi-speak = the colt). A reporter talks about the "error" we're living in...and "nuke-yu-la" bombs. We see "pitchers" of an event, sparkling "jool-a-ree", and use the pre-pregnancy tonic Elevit (koiwoi-speak = "Ulluvut"). Weather-bunnies describe foin und moild conditions in our capitol city Wullintun. But hurry, we're running behind SKED-yool (instead of SHED-yil: we do attempt to speak English here, not American!) And I was reliably informed on tv this "Chooz-die" morning, "It's 32 minutes past 7...": er, did she mean "28 to 8"?
Greg Boyd
Greg Boyed
Peter Williams
Peter Williams
Two news presenters who DO get it right are TVNZ's Peter Williams and Greg Boyed.
Radio commercials are also riddled with pronunciation errors: fault lies not only with the voice but mainly with the producer / technician. However, if their own pronunciation is lacking, they won't spot the voiceover errors...and so the problems perpetuate.
Until the late '80s, Radio New Zealand had National Speech Executives who critiqued the pronunciation of every announcer in its employ. Granted, sometimes the preferred pronunciation was TOO stuffy – this is after all NZ, not the Beeb Beeb Ceeb. Yet radio's mantra used to be: "Inform, Educate, Entertain"... there's nothing wrong with maintaining a language standard higher than that used in the local shearing shed. After all, one should be able to instantly understand what's being said in one's own country surely?
PS: - see also my 27 July 2009 post, on Koiwoi apostrophe use...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whaling Bulletpoints...

Anger in Nippon over disruptions, as its whaling fleet returns home after three months in the Southern Ocean, with a catch of 506 minke whales and one fin whale - just half its expected haul. Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson is a happy chappie.
...meanwhile Sea Shepherd captain Pete Bethune, who's currently being held in Japan, faces up to 15yrs imprisonment if found guilty of the exaggerated charges being considered by authorities, under pressure from the whalers. that a compromise, being negotiated by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Washington this week, will halve the whaling catch over 10 years and save more than 5000 whales compared to the status quo.
...evidence of an illegal trade in whale meat, after DNA of Japanese-caught whales is traced to The Hump* Restaurant in Santa Monica, California. An analysis of sashimi found it came from an endangered sei whale.
...and The American Family Association (AFA) is demanding the orca that drowned its trainer at SeaWorld Orlando be stoned to death! The conservative right (ie: rabid) Christian group quotes justification from the Bible's book of Exodus, and says SeaWorld's curator should also be stoned to death as the whale was not killed after previous fatal incidents. Get real!!!

PS: 24 May 2011 - * Sequel to The Hump Restaurant's illegal whale meat trade...

Friday, April 16, 2010

DANGER! DANGER, Will Robinson! #4: Pornos, Beware!

hentai girl example, but wouldn't you rather have the real thing?A new computer virus is using global embarrassment for extortion.
The Kenzero trojan virus originated in Japan and targets users of the Winni file-sharing service. It looks like a standard game installer: when customers use Winni to download illegal adult animated "hentai" games, their PCs are infected with Kenzero, which copies their browsing history and posts it online, for all to see. Anyone downloading these games, which feature extremely graphic sex acts, probably doesn't want his browsing track record shown to the world!
After infection and publication, the victim is then held for ransom by a fake organization calling itself the ICPP Copyright Foundation, which demands a small (US$16) payment to "settle your violation of copyright law." A similar virus hitting European users demands much higher fees (US$400), which is termed a "pre-trial settlement." Then the outfit on-sells your credit card details.
This is technically no different from other viruses: anti-malware and anti-virus software should clear it up. As for any browsing histories published on the net, users might just have to live with it: call it an embarrassing lesson learned!
[...see also my post of 2 April 2010, regarding hentai rape games...]

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RSA Rocks Ragged!

This year the Anzac message will rock, due to a trans-Tasman collaboration.
Aussie singer Luke O'Shea's country rock anthem Ragged Bloody Heroes, has been made into a music video by kiwi filmmaker Paul Davidson.
Davidson feels, despite our traditional rivalry, we shouldn’t forget what NZ and Australia have done together and the sacrifices we’ve shared through many conflicts. Ragged Bloody Heroes celebrates that blood-brotherhood and he hopes his video will help encourage mutual respect.
The video has the support of the Royal NZ Returned and Services Assn.(RSA), which'll use it to promote awareness around Anzac Day. The 90yr.old veterans in the video add a power and poignancy to the song...
This year, Anzac Day falls on Sunday 25th.April, with Poppy Day – raising funds for the RSA Welfare Fund – on Friday 23rd.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny Tokelau Makes A Stand

Whales have another Pacific ally – the 3-island territory of Tokelau has declared itself a whale sanctuary.
The tiny country (land area just 12 sq.miles, 500km north of Samoa) has outlawed whaling in its 290,000,000 sq.mile exclusive economic zone. This lifts the number of protected areas in the Pacific to eleven: that's 18 million million sq.miles off-limits to whaling. Tokelau Islands stamps featuring whales circa 1970s
Those eleven Pacific nations and territories with sanctuaries are: Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tokelau, American Samoa and Vanuatu. Two nations (New Zealand and Tonga) and two territories (Guam and the Northern Marianas) have banned the taking of whales from their economic zones but have not declared sanctuary areas.
It's well documented that Japan aids numerous small countries financially - perhaps to secure support for their whaling interests: it will be interesting to see if Japan ceases its aid to the Tokelaus in response...
PS: 14 April 2010 - The UK has created the world’s largest marine reserve, covering some 858,000 quarter of a million sq.miles around the Chagos Archipelago (in the centre of the Indian Ocean) - one of the most pristine and biologically diverse coral ecosystems on the planet. This is a huge success for marine conservation, given that the protected area is bigger than the whole of France! It nearly doubles the total amount of ocean now off-limits to commercial fishing, and comprises 40% of the world's marine reserves!
Sadly, the recent history of the Chagos reads like a political thriller, with secret payments and deals, forced removal of citizens, racism, nuclear airbases...shocking! If the name "Chagos" is unfamiliar, think US Air Force base, Diego Garcia: it's the same place.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tattoos For Tacos

This could be YOUthe one and only Martha SanchezBack in 1999, Martha Sanchez thought up a novel marketing idea for her family-run taco restaurant in San Francisco. She offered customers free lunches for life...if they got a tattoo of the restaurant's logo. It was so popular she had to cap the offer at 50 participants! (Here're some pics of tattooed customers).
Well, the deal's back again! The customer pays for a tattoo (around US$100) of Jimmy the Cornman—a sombrero-wearing kid riding a giant ear of corn like a rocket. The tattoo must be at least four square inches and can be anywhere on the body. It entitles the wearer to one free meal (anything off the menu) and a drink per day.
Jimmy the CornmanIf the tattoo is in a less-than-public part of the body, customers don't necessarily need to show it in order to get their meal. But Martha says, for better or worse, most of them proudly do.
Some of the "originals" still dine there a few times a week - they say in these tough recessional times, it's nice to know they have a free meal up their sleeve (or under their shirt), just in case...
So when you're in San Francisco's Mission District, drop by the Casa Sanchez Taco Restaurant - let me know if you see anyone showing off their “free admission”! (it's at 2778 24th Street, just a block from SF General Hospital - that's not a dig at their food though: by all accounts, it's damn good!!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jess On The Home Straight

Jess with celebratory squid mealAussie teenage sailor Jessica Watson is now on the home straight of her 38,000km circumnavigation of the globe. On Easter Monday she sailed past the 35,000km mark, and last Saturday she passed Cape Leeuwin (the most SW mainland point of Australia).
Today started with a lovely sunrise as Ella's Pink Lady sailed into Australian waters. Hot chocolate in hand, a light sprinkling of rain and with an albatross circling above, it was one of those really special moments.
She sailed within 90km of the coast, as her parents flew overhead in support.
Now there’s just 3700km/2000nm to reach Tasmania, then a further 920km to Sydney, where she is aiming to arrive early next month. Strong tail winds are expected as Jess sails south of the Great Australian Bight heading for Tasmania. (for more, check out her website and blog)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Who DOES Palmer Represent?

anti-nuclear protesters in Auckland Harbour, 1976A driving force behind New Zealand's nuclear-free legislation, Sir Geoffrey Palmer, says it's time for US Navy ships to return.
You'll recall our banning of US nuclear ships damaged relations in the mid-80s: the US refusal to confirm/deny nuclear weapons on its ships led to our exiting the ANZUS military alliance with Australia and USA. Geoffrey Palmer alongside then-Prime Minister David Lange
Palmer, deputy prime minister under leader David Lange at that time, says the legislation was important and symbolic in its day, but the world has changed: "NZ could have ship visits now. I think it's something you could get through without too much difficulty. It would be both possible and desirable."
I'm appalled that Palmer assumes kiwis desire visits by US warships, when they've not been missed or needed over the past 25 years. The overwhelming majority of NZers are very proud of our nuclear-free policy, and don't want the possibility of a nuclear-propelled or armed vessel having an accident or being a target of a terrorist attack in our ports. Part of the kiwi identity is an anti-whaling no-nukes clean and green society: commercial whaling and nukes are not part of New Zealand.
Sir Geoffrey Palmer now...who IS he representing?So just who IS Palmer representing on the world stage? Recently he supported a resumption of commercial whaling...and now this! And as Sir Geoffrey is a government spokesman, is this the NZ Government's feeling too?
PS: 12 April 2010 - Acting PM Bill English says the return of US Navy ships to NZ ports has never been discussed and the NZ policy remains unchanged. It's certainly an emotive issue and one that National promised during the election not to change. So if Sir Geoffrey is THAT out of touch with the government he's representing, should his position be questioned?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bauer Bows Out: Farewell To 24

Here it is, fans of 24: the bad news we've all dreaded to hear but kinda knew was coming. Fox has issued a statement explaining that Season 8 will conclude 24's run on tv.
Kiefer Sutherland: This has been the role of a lifetime, and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation to everyone who made it possible. While the end of the series is bittersweet, we always wanted 24 to finish on a high note, so the decision to make the eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon. This feels like the culmination of all our efforts from the writers to the actors to our fantastic crew and everyone at Fox. Looking ahead to the future, I'm excited about the opportunity to create the feature film version of 24. But when all is said and done, it is the loyal worldwide fan base that made it possible for me to have the experience of playing the role of Jack Bauer, and for that I am eternally grateful.
Plans for a feature film are being explored, with shooting to start late in 2010 or early 2011.
*sob* So enjoy every minute of this last-ever season...then spend the next decade wearing out your 24 DVDs!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Sunset For "Sunrise"

Carly Flynn and Oliver Driver get to sleep in late from now on...Mediaworks, owner of TV3, has announced the immediate cancellation of its breakfast show Sunrise, effective from today. The show (along with ASB Business, also canned) was launched more than two years ago, but has struggled for audience, trailing behind TVNZ's Breakfast and NZI Business: yesterday's ratings showed Breakfast had 169,600 viewers, well up on Sunrise's 21,490.
The chop means at least 20 redundancies, with the futures of presenters Carly Flynn and Oliver Driver not immediately clear. Mediaworks says the cost of producing these programmes has proven unsustainable.
Interesting that just last month Sussan Turner (chief executive of MediaWorks Radio) was promoted to group managing director. She is one very intelligent and canny operator - so will we see her making more cold hard business decisions regarding other TV3 programmes?
Beware: there's a new broom in da house...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Meaning Of Easter?

Following Easter weekend, public holiday surcharges are again being called both "greedy" and "necessary", while continued confusion led some cafes to levy a surcharge on Easter Sunday.
Since the Holidays Amendment Act 2004, many eateries have levied customers on public holidays, citing costly public holiday provisions (workers get 'time-and-a-half' wages, plus a day-in-lieu). But while the Act applies on Good Friday and Easter Monday, Easter Sunday is not an official public holiday, so employers don't need to pay extra that day.
Some cafes say the 'high overheads' argument doesn't wash: increased trade on public holidays more than covers the extra wages. Others claim they can't open without a surcharge (varying from 10-20%). In the end, it depends how much retailers want the business: a well-known garden centre chain opened as normal across the whole Easter break, confident the extra trade and publicity would easily offset a possible $1,000 fine.
I would not be surprised to see surcharges go – and sooner than later. Some eateries don't impose surcharges - and use that as a marketing tool: competition may pressure others to follow.With so many authorised exemptions now, the law seems farcical anyway – it's as if it's there simply because the government says so, not because it serves any modern practical purpose. There's a wariness of removing all trade restrictions, as the law exists to protect Easter's religious significance. But as Christianity loses its dominance here, the law looks more outdated each year. Yet there's also the argument that, as only 3½ restricted trade days remain in New Zealand, is it really such a hassle for shoppers to find businesses closed on those days?
If a person is inclined to not want to shop on a particular day, do they need this quaint law to assist them in their personal choice?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Boys, Bunks and Bloody Bureaucracy...

Bark Bay Hut, Abel Tasman National ParkAn investigation is to be carried out by the Economic Development Ministry after an 11-year-old boy broke his arm yesterday, falling in a Department of Conservation (DOC) hut in the Abel Tasman National Park, South Island. He was climbing up a ladder to the top bunk in the Bark Bay Hut, slipped and took a tumble.
So let’s get this straight – a costly nationwide investigation of all DOC bunks (let's make DOC the scapegoat, shall we?!), just because clumsy Little Jimmy fell off a ladder while clambering up to bed!
Quick! Immediately replace all ladders with fully-enclosed mechanical lifts… top bunk users must wear a full safety harness attached by wire rope to roof rafters… harnesses to be fitted with air bags…
bunk in typical DOC hut
Scene of the crime...
floors under top bunks will be replaced by safety netting to a margin of no less than all directions… Wet Wipes must be on-hand to clean up the mess when Little Jimmy wets himself from the stress of climbing so high... and no youths may use the top bunks unless accompanied by an adult (!!!).
Anyone seen my well-thumbed copy of Manifesto Of The Nanny State?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Whale Meat Sandwiches Today...

Greenpeace logoGreenpeace was in action yesterday in the Netherlands port of Rotterdam, blocking a container ship carrying fin whale meat bound for Japan from Iceland.
As I posted last October, Iceland is exporting 1500 tonnes of whale meat to Japan, and killed 125 endangered fin whales in 2009 – despite its government's claims to the contrary.
Greenpeace activists on the Nyk Orion mooring linesThe activists chained themselves to the mooring ropes of the container ship Nyk Orion, which had meat from 13 endangered fin whales aboard in seven containers. Greenpeace called on port authorities to seize the containers and, after several hours in which the activists were arrested, Rotterdam port police began investigating the claims. The ship finally sailed...without the containers: the ship's owner wisely decided to off-load the fin whale meat rather than become complicit in the illegal trade in an endangered species.
A good result with no violence...and it helps raise awareness of the International Whaling Commission's upcoming meeting in June.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rape Is Just A Game...Right?

RapeLay DVD coverLast year, an international women's group managed to get the 2006 PC game, RapeLay, banned from sale in Japan. But now it appears to have gone viral and can be downloaded on-line easily!!
RapeLay is a Japanese video hentai (or erotic) game that allows players to attack and rape children and women at will. RapeLay screen shot
Here's its premise:
"RapeLay is a role-playing game, which lets a player choose a method of assault on a teenage girl at a subway. Gamers can grope her and lift her skirt. Players molest the girl, and even assault and rape her sister and mother. The ultimate goal: to make the three women sex-slaves, so the player can rape them whenever he desires. When a girl gets pregnant, players have to force her to have an abortion."
The many blogs about RapeLay range from horrified condemnation to - amazingly - total support!
So do games like this keep the real predators off the streets, or just encourage prowlers to try rape for real? What is the mind-set of the game's designers? Should RapeLay be included in a total ban on child pornography? Indeed, does this constitute porn at all...or is it, as some maintain, just - a - game?