Friday, April 16, 2010

DANGER! DANGER, Will Robinson! #4: Pornos, Beware!

hentai girl example, but wouldn't you rather have the real thing?A new computer virus is using global embarrassment for extortion.
The Kenzero trojan virus originated in Japan and targets users of the Winni file-sharing service. It looks like a standard game installer: when customers use Winni to download illegal adult animated "hentai" games, their PCs are infected with Kenzero, which copies their browsing history and posts it online, for all to see. Anyone downloading these games, which feature extremely graphic sex acts, probably doesn't want his browsing track record shown to the world!
After infection and publication, the victim is then held for ransom by a fake organization calling itself the ICPP Copyright Foundation, which demands a small (US$16) payment to "settle your violation of copyright law." A similar virus hitting European users demands much higher fees (US$400), which is termed a "pre-trial settlement." Then the outfit on-sells your credit card details.
This is technically no different from other viruses: anti-malware and anti-virus software should clear it up. As for any browsing histories published on the net, users might just have to live with it: call it an embarrassing lesson learned!
[...see also my post of 2 April 2010, regarding hentai rape games...]

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