Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Whale Meat Sandwiches Today...

Greenpeace logoGreenpeace was in action yesterday in the Netherlands port of Rotterdam, blocking a container ship carrying fin whale meat bound for Japan from Iceland.
As I posted last October, Iceland is exporting 1500 tonnes of whale meat to Japan, and killed 125 endangered fin whales in 2009 – despite its government's claims to the contrary.
Greenpeace activists on the Nyk Orion mooring linesThe activists chained themselves to the mooring ropes of the container ship Nyk Orion, which had meat from 13 endangered fin whales aboard in seven containers. Greenpeace called on port authorities to seize the containers and, after several hours in which the activists were arrested, Rotterdam port police began investigating the claims. The ship finally sailed...without the containers: the ship's owner wisely decided to off-load the fin whale meat rather than become complicit in the illegal trade in an endangered species.
A good result with no violence...and it helps raise awareness of the International Whaling Commission's upcoming meeting in June.

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Nathalie Kelderman said...

Great news! Well done to Greenpeace, The Netherlands. I have always respected the efforts of Greenpeace. Sometimes 'loud' and 'unusual' measures are required to encourage action. Provided no one gets hurt through violence, and good prevails throughout the process Isee no wrong in what Greenpeace do. I will remain a stern supporter of Greenpeace - hopefully joining them in their plights one day. Why does news like this not reach further and wider? Had I not read your blog, I would not have known. This is of international value! Whales inhabit the planets waters. Surely the entire world should have a vested interest in the planets integrity? I pray and continue to hope for a global society that focuses on ethics and love for live on earth. RESPECT for ALL LIFE! It's the only way to live. Greenpeace, I salute you! (And you too Philbee).