Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RSA Rocks Ragged!

This year the Anzac message will rock, due to a trans-Tasman collaboration.
Aussie singer Luke O'Shea's country rock anthem Ragged Bloody Heroes, has been made into a music video by kiwi filmmaker Paul Davidson.
Davidson feels, despite our traditional rivalry, we shouldn’t forget what NZ and Australia have done together and the sacrifices we’ve shared through many conflicts. Ragged Bloody Heroes celebrates that blood-brotherhood and he hopes his video will help encourage mutual respect.
The video has the support of the Royal NZ Returned and Services Assn.(RSA), which'll use it to promote awareness around Anzac Day. The 90yr.old veterans in the video add a power and poignancy to the song...
This year, Anzac Day falls on Sunday 25th.April, with Poppy Day – raising funds for the RSA Welfare Fund – on Friday 23rd.

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