Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whaling Bulletpoints...

Anger in Nippon over disruptions, as its whaling fleet returns home after three months in the Southern Ocean, with a catch of 506 minke whales and one fin whale - just half its expected haul. Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson is a happy chappie.
...meanwhile Sea Shepherd captain Pete Bethune, who's currently being held in Japan, faces up to 15yrs imprisonment if found guilty of the exaggerated charges being considered by authorities, under pressure from the whalers. that a compromise, being negotiated by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in Washington this week, will halve the whaling catch over 10 years and save more than 5000 whales compared to the status quo.
...evidence of an illegal trade in whale meat, after DNA of Japanese-caught whales is traced to The Hump* Restaurant in Santa Monica, California. An analysis of sashimi found it came from an endangered sei whale.
...and The American Family Association (AFA) is demanding the orca that drowned its trainer at SeaWorld Orlando be stoned to death! The conservative right (ie: rabid) Christian group quotes justification from the Bible's book of Exodus, and says SeaWorld's curator should also be stoned to death as the whale was not killed after previous fatal incidents. Get real!!!

PS: 24 May 2011 - * Sequel to The Hump Restaurant's illegal whale meat trade...

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