Monday, April 12, 2010

Tattoos For Tacos

This could be YOUthe one and only Martha SanchezBack in 1999, Martha Sanchez thought up a novel marketing idea for her family-run taco restaurant in San Francisco. She offered customers free lunches for life...if they got a tattoo of the restaurant's logo. It was so popular she had to cap the offer at 50 participants! (Here're some pics of tattooed customers).
Well, the deal's back again! The customer pays for a tattoo (around US$100) of Jimmy the Cornman—a sombrero-wearing kid riding a giant ear of corn like a rocket. The tattoo must be at least four square inches and can be anywhere on the body. It entitles the wearer to one free meal (anything off the menu) and a drink per day.
Jimmy the CornmanIf the tattoo is in a less-than-public part of the body, customers don't necessarily need to show it in order to get their meal. But Martha says, for better or worse, most of them proudly do.
Some of the "originals" still dine there a few times a week - they say in these tough recessional times, it's nice to know they have a free meal up their sleeve (or under their shirt), just in case...
So when you're in San Francisco's Mission District, drop by the Casa Sanchez Taco Restaurant - let me know if you see anyone showing off their “free admission”! (it's at 2778 24th Street, just a block from SF General Hospital - that's not a dig at their food though: by all accounts, it's damn good!!)

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