Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Sunset For "Sunrise"

Carly Flynn and Oliver Driver get to sleep in late from now on...Mediaworks, owner of TV3, has announced the immediate cancellation of its breakfast show Sunrise, effective from today. The show (along with ASB Business, also canned) was launched more than two years ago, but has struggled for audience, trailing behind TVNZ's Breakfast and NZI Business: yesterday's ratings showed Breakfast had 169,600 viewers, well up on Sunrise's 21,490.
The chop means at least 20 redundancies, with the futures of presenters Carly Flynn and Oliver Driver not immediately clear. Mediaworks says the cost of producing these programmes has proven unsustainable.
Interesting that just last month Sussan Turner (chief executive of MediaWorks Radio) was promoted to group managing director. She is one very intelligent and canny operator - so will we see her making more cold hard business decisions regarding other TV3 programmes?
Beware: there's a new broom in da house...

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Norman S., Hamilton said...

No great loss at all. That Carly was such a bimbo and Driver was always trying to be a comedian.