Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jess On The Home Straight

Jess with celebratory squid mealAussie teenage sailor Jessica Watson is now on the home straight of her 38,000km circumnavigation of the globe. On Easter Monday she sailed past the 35,000km mark, and last Saturday she passed Cape Leeuwin (the most SW mainland point of Australia).
Today started with a lovely sunrise as Ella's Pink Lady sailed into Australian waters. Hot chocolate in hand, a light sprinkling of rain and with an albatross circling above, it was one of those really special moments.
She sailed within 90km of the coast, as her parents flew overhead in support.
Now there’s just 3700km/2000nm to reach Tasmania, then a further 920km to Sydney, where she is aiming to arrive early next month. Strong tail winds are expected as Jess sails south of the Great Australian Bight heading for Tasmania. (for more, check out her website and blog)

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