Thursday, April 22, 2010

Promiscuous Women Rock Our World!

Baby, you rock my world!A senior Iranian cleric has stated categorically that immodest women acting promiscuously cause earthquakes!
Hojatoleslam Kazeem Sedighi: "Many women who do not dress modestly…. lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which consequently increases earthquakes." [Note: no suggestion that young Iranian MEN act this way – it's the WOMEN to blame!] Due to the preponderance of misogynic mullahs and regressive Shariah law, women in the Islamic Republic must fully cover their hair and body contours in public but many - especially teenagers - disobey this, and have been caught wearing tight coats and scarves that show their hair. *Shock!*
Sedighi says if women continue to act this way, earthquakes will come. The proven fact that Iran has hundreds of fault lines means sooner than later Tehran WILL be hit by a 'quake...which of course will enhance the cleric's position, allow him to piously state: "See? I told you so"...and then restrict women even more.
Q1: are Iranian "tarts" to blame for all the 'quakes around the world? Or are each country's own vast contingents of "slappers" at fault? (If so, there must be a helluva lot of "immodest women" across the globe because we've had quite a few earthquakes over the last few months!)
Q2: if promiscuous women do cause earthquakes, what part of Iran's nuclear promiscuity might lead to a bomb detonation, hmm?
Q3: (a serious one) how well does the Western world really understand the thinking of the Iranian leadership on all questions large and small?
PS: 21 April 2010 - Yesterday, the "South Park" cartoon drew death threats from an Islamic website!
PS: 26 April 2010 - In a lighthearted attempt to debunk the misguided cleric's claim, today is "Boobquake Day"! Of course, if no major earthquake occurs today, SOMEONE's gonna look pretty silly, isn't he!!

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Roger, Manchester said...

If this is true, then the women in Iceland are DYNAMITE!!!