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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where Will Casey Kasem Rest In Peace?

Where will Casey Kasem's final resting place be?
The wife of the late legendary US radio personality wants to bury him in Norway, citing her Norwegian heritage. Jean Kasem, his wife of nearly 34 years, earlier this month claimed she would be moving to Norway soon. She also claimed KC "always said that Norway symbolizes peace and looks like heaven and I would like to respectfully fulfill his wishes."
But his children have asked Norway to deny their stepmother's request. Kasem's relatives and friends, incl.former Lt-Governor of California Mike Curb, say the late DJ always wanted to be buried in California, where he lived for 53 years.
KC's children from his first marriage say Jean kept them from visiting or speaking to their father for nearly a year before his death.
A spokesman for the Norwegian funeral home embroiled in this action says: "We are looking at it again to see if we made the right decision. The relatives are saying she has no ancestry in Norway — she does from Europe but not from Norway — and they say that she’s not going to move to Norway at all. We don't know if it's true. Our lawyers need to to do more research."
Kasem, host of American Top 40, died in June of dementia. Jean Kasem moved his remains to Canada last month, where she intended to bury his body has arrived in Oslo.
The issue will set a legal precedent in Norway. "We haven’t had any cases of foreigners wanting to be buried here, who are not Norwegian themselves or living in Norway. So this is a very special case. There is no law against this. It's up to us to accept it or not."
Jean Kasem has not let officials know when she intends to bury her husband.
A quick ancestry search shows no Norwegian heritage in Jean Kasem's family for at least three generations.
Casey Kasem's publicist, Danny Deraney, has said Kasem had told both friends and family that he wanted to be buried in Los Angeles.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Get A Life!

Distraught fans of NZ's longest-running soap Shortland Street have been pouring out their grief...yes, GRIEF!...on-line!
Doctor Sarah Potts (Amanda Billings) was killed off in an episode this week.
On a tribute page created for the character, hundreds of fans voiced their shock and sadness at her death, such as:
"Sarah, you didn't deserve to go that way. RIP. Many thoughts to the rest of your family. From Larissa."
Reshma was obviously traumatised:
"I was shocked when I learnt that Sarah died. Feel for TK (Potts' husband). Now both of his wives have died. RIP Sarah Potts".
Ngaire got even more swept away, quoting Elton John:
"Her candle burned out long before her legend ever will, aye."
Sarah Potts died of a deadly virus which had swept through the hospital. After contracting the disease from a contaminated syringe, Sarah isolated herself in a lab and desperately tried to find a cure. When she finally found one, it was too late to save herself but she managed to spare all those infected.
*gulp* She died... *sob* ...a HERO!
And...OMG! So...this is just like...y'know...Ebola!
*sob* Doctors dieing the world!
The real tragedy is: these fans seem to believe that Sarah Potts was REAL! And how perverse for TV2 to establish an on-line tribute page, to milk this group grief!
Actor Amanda Billing won numerous awards for her character, who first appeared in September 2004. But distraught viewers should be reminded that in the 2006 Shortland Street Fan Awards, Sarah Potts was also voted the 'character you'd most like to kill off'.
Well, fans, ya got what ya asked for.
You're not in Guatamala now, Doctor Potts!

Friday, August 8, 2014

So What?

My eye was caught by this headline, screaming from the online edition of Huffington Post last Monday...

I for one am happy in my own space, I may or may not follow any particular religious path, and I enjoy sex.
But do you need to know any of that? NO.
Do readers of any news source need to know if a particular gay Christian chooses not to get laid? NO.
The media needs to keeps its collective eye 'on the ball' and report the facts of real issues effecting the global community.
Was this story one of those? NO.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Too Soon For Rolf Harris Jokes?

An Ozzie car dealer has been slammed on social media, for a Rolf Harris joke in an ad for a used Toyota ute.
Under the photo of a second-hand HiLux for sale is: "There's more hope of Rolf Harris getting a babysitting gig than us finding a better example." (referring to the Australian entertainer who was jailed for child sex offences earlier this month).
Those with no sense of humour spread it across social media sites last weekend. And as you can imagine, the howls were loud and rather precious.
The ad was for Goldfields Toyota in Kalgoorlie - sales manager Darryl Evans: "We try to make our ads a little bit interesting and a little bit lighthearted, but we blurred the lines of good taste and bad on this occasion."
Toyota Australia contacted the dealer as soon as it heard about the ad and asked for its removal, but by then social media had fanned the usual hysteria.
Come on, ockers! This is naught but a wee laugh at Harris' expense! It may also be regarded as easing the national tension over the demise of one of Australia's (until now) most loved figures. If the reference was to - say - Adolf Hitler's antics, then we'd be talking righteous disgust... but until then, chill!
If I were you, I'd be more irate about the price of that ute!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Is Paul Henry Mentally Stable?

Ask him when he intends to RESIGN!!!
He simply cannot help himself.
Paul Henry has again highlighted the very reasons why he should not be in the media anywhere!
On Tuesday night, Michelle Dickinson - an Auckland University senior lecturer - was on Henry's show discussing the benefits of organic food. An interesting subject with an articulate intelligent person: er,
WHAT did he just ask me...?!
Michelle, NOT PH!
However, in true dickhead style, PH showed himself to be NZ tv's most puerile waste-of-space.
Michelle Dickinson had been invited by businessman Richard Branson onto his private island. So PH produced a pic of Branson hugging Dickinson and then asked: "Did you have sex with him?" True! Watch this (at approx.5:00).
It's just a shame she didn't counter with: "Have YOU?", and walk out! The fact that she DIDN'T shows she's far higher up the evolutionary ladder than the giggling idiot interviewing her.
This was not a Lewinsky/Clinton expose: why PH thought his question was funny or relevant is surely beyond the grasp of all above the mental age of 5.
So why does TV3 still employ him? Yeup - ratings, money and the guy we love-to-hate. But TV3 needs to give far wider consideration to broadcasting standards: schoolboy snigger-subjects are well below what the average tv viewer expects in adult viewing time.
So, WILL TV3/Mediaworks actually grow some balls and bitchslap Paul Henry into the back-of-beyond? Yea, right...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

McCully's Mob Muddles It Up

The story breaks: an overseas official invokes diplomatic immunity and escapes NZ, after alleged sexual assault.
The nation's journos splutter indignantly: Name him! Shame him! Bring him back!
Questions are raised: Who IS he? Which country? What exactly IS diplomatic immunity?
Facts emerge: he is Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, a Malaysian diplo. And his country says no way will it waive immunity – tough luck, NZ!
But then it all gets a bit murky…
PM Johnno Key says he wants Ismail in a kiwi court. The military-ruled Malaysia is reported as saying it would only allow that if Ismail's life would be safe in NZ (Ha! Pot, meet kettle!!!) Then as the world's media vultures circle a potential diplomatic incident, Malaysia says: hang on, we did NOT say anything of the sort. We've been totally co-operative! WTF???
Well, it seems our Dept of Foreign Affairs, balliwick of Muddling Murray McCully, got itself befuddled with we-said/they-said, and didn't even tell the Minister about the situation! Comms confusion in the Ministry resulting in a total SNAFU!
Womble in the headlights
McCully: "We apologise for a performance that was below the standard expected of the Foreign Ministry."
So will Ismail face the music in NZ? Don't hold your breath. Tough luck for the alleged rape victim, eh!
But to blame the cock-up on a staff member who was out of communications reach when the shit hit the fan is pathetic! Where were the back-ups, safeguards, systems? This is after all McCully's baby, his people, his RESPONSIBILITY.
Like multiple times in the past when this womble has dropped the ball, McCully should be publically humiliated and put on notice to pull his department's socks up…or else. The buck stops with him.
But will this happen? Of course not.
It is after all, General Election Countdown time…

UPDATE: 05 July 2014 - Malaysia WILL send the miscreant back for trial in NZ...and Muddling McCully told to 'suck it up' and apologise to Malaysia. Miracles DO happen!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Roll One For Me

Well, the story was probably accurate...
but the headline was ever-so-slightly off the mark!
The sub on-duty at the Toronto Star that day back in 1996, was no doubt the butt of doobie jokes for months to come!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Reader's Digest has released it's NZ's Most Trusted list.
And at No.1 is combat veteran and Victoria Cross recipient, ex-SAS Corporal Willie Apiata.
No.2 is a first-timer on the list: Northland GP Dr Lance O'Sullivan. O'Sullivan was crowned New Zealander Of The Year for his healthcare work and vision of eradicating poverty-related illness. He set up Northland's first full-time, school-based health clinic, based at Kaitaia Primary School. It provides medical care to 2000 children at 14 primary and intermediate schools.
Rounding out the Top 10 are familiar faces A/B captain Richie McCaw, tv personality Judy Bailey, last year's winner ex-A/B John Kirwan, ex-tv personality Kevin Milne, ex-tv chef Alison Holst, ex-Olympic running champ Peter Snell, Olympic shot-putter Valerie Adams and tv weatherman Jim Hickey.
[Hmmm, sport and tv...what does that say about us as a nation?]
It's the tenth year Reader's Digest has held its trust survey, which ranks the people and professions NZers place their faith in.
Not surprisingly, politicians were prominent on the bottom end of the list, with Kim Dotcom at 99th. Others in the bottom 10 include David Cunliffe (97), Winston Peters (96), Russel Norman (91), and Pita Sharples (90).
The annual survey also ranks professions. Firefighters have topped the list for a decade running now, joined by paramedics, rescue volunteers, nurses, pilots, doctors, pharmacists, vets, armed forces personnel and police. Journalists are less trusted than lawyers, coming in at 43rd of the 49 total professions, despite there being many media personalities on the most-trusted people list. Politicians are up one place from last year, coming in 47th equal with sex workers (!!).
The least-liked of all professions? A tie, between door-to-door salespeople and telemarketers!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Casey's Countdown Is Over

Top 40 Countdown king Casey Kasem has switched off the mic.
Kasem passed away last Sunday (US time), surrounded by family and friends...
...recently however Kasem was surrounded by a feud between his three adult kids and his second wife. In 2013, his children went to court to gain control of his care, alleging Kasem was suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease and that his wife was isolating him from friends and family. Kasem also suffered from a form of dementia.
Last May a judge stripped his wife of her caretaker role, after she moved him from a Los Anglees medical facility to a friend's home in Washington state. She said she did so to protect his privacy and to consult with doctors. Casey developed a severe bedsore while there, and was in critical condition by the time he was hospitalised in early June...
But let's wind the turntable back: Kasem's legendary American Top 40 began on 04 July 1970, in LA: the first show featured the very last time both Elvis Presley and The Beatles had songs simultaneously in the Top 10.
Kasem (the son of Lebanese immigrants) said in 1975: "The idea from the beginning was to do the type of thing on radio that Ed Sullivan did on tv - good honest stories with human interest."
While many DJs degraded their performances with crap stunts and 'morning zoo' garbage, Kasem would read listeners' long-distance dedications and background anecdotes about the singers. His cheerful manner and gentle voice was heard on over a thousand stations in 50 countries. He stepped down from AT40 in 2004 and retired in 2009.
Kasem's voice was also heard in TV cartoons such as Scooby-Doo (he was Shaggy) and in numerous commercials.
Many of us in the radio industry remember playing his AT40. The show was recorded in the US late in the week, pressed onto vinyl overnight (ahhhh, those were the days!!!) and rushed to stations for play that weekend. In the days before satellite feeds and digital downloads, that service was phenomenal! Those who still have a weekly AT40 boxed set will treasure it as a piece of radio history.
As too was his classic signoff: "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."
Casey Kasem was 82.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"The America's Cup Is Now New Zealand's Cup!"

Who could forget that moment...
Today in history, on 13 May 1995, "Black Magic" crossed the San Diego finish line surrounded by a swarm of spectator craft.
NZ tv commentator Pete Montgomery excitedly coined his legendary line: "The America's Cup is now New Zealand's cup!" The phrase was repeated over and over as NZ enjoyed one of the most significant moments in its sporting history.
The run-up to the 1995 Cup was notable for the televised sinking of oneAustralia during the fourth round robin of the Louis Vuitton challenger selection series, with all hands escaping uninjured. The 1995 defender selection series also had the first mostly female (with one man) crew sailing the yacht USA-43, nicknamed "Mighty Mary". And NZL32 had been dubbed "Black Magic" because of her black hull and uncanny speed.
For the 1995 event, Team New Zealand syndicate head Peter Blake assembled a 'dream team' of kiwi sailors. Our extremely fast boat was superbly sailed by 1984 Olympic gold-medallist Russell Coutts, who was ably backed up by the astute tactician Brad Butterworth and navigator Tom Schnackenberg.
The emphatic 5-0 sweep achieved by Black Magic over Stars and Stripes was all the more impressive given that its opponent, the controversial American helmsman Dennis Conner, was a four-time winner and widely regarded as 'Mr America's Cup'.
And make the win even sweeter, five years later in Auckland, Team New Zealand became the first team from a country outside the US to successfully defend the America's Cup. And Pete Montgomery re-worked his legendary line to be: "The America's Cup is STILL New Zealand's cup!"

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Extreme Uzbek Broadcasting!

All Uzbekistan's tv and radio stations have been ordered to rig their facilities to be blown up!
Broadcasters in the landlocked Central Asian country must place "self-destruct devices" on transmitter gear by 14 May so, if the station falls into hostile hands, all broadcasts
can be cut instantly.
You'll recall the recent captures of broadcasting stations in Ukraine by pro-Russian forces: this is perhaps the Uzbek way of pre-empting similar events.
Uzbekistan's National Security Service (SNB) is overseeing this last resort in censorship. It's also checking ventilation ducts in broadcast buildings: ducts and shafts leading toward studios must not be big enough for anyone to crawl through.
No more live programming either, not even news. At least two men from the Interior Ministry must be part of every station's staff. And only a handful of people would have access to a station's detonation device... hopefully no-one who's pissed off with the boss!
Journalists must submit in advance all questions they intend to ask at a press conference, for approval, and they can't travel abroad without SNB approval.
It's standard Uzbek practice that everyone entering a station is checked and their documents scrutinised, sometimes more than once. There's also a list of topics, some going back years, that are not to be mentioned, and guests are reminded of these taboo subjects continually from the time they enter the station until their programme starts.
All this to safeguard the Uzbek version of "freedom of the press"!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Polly And Grant Now Bat For The Other Team

Hubby/wife team Polly Gillespie and Grant Kereama are leaving their ZM breakfast show after more than two decades.
But they're not going far - they'll help launch a new breakfast show on Monday 28 April on a new radio station called The Hits, which replaces Classic Hits.
The new format for The Hits will replace the existing Classic Hits model of having local breakfast shows for local areas. Instead, the Polly and Grant Show will air on Breakfast in 20 regions, nationwide on iHeartRadio, plus an hour of daily highlights will play from 6-7pm nationwide. The 9-3pm daytime shows will become local shows instead.
The Hits will capitalise on what's been successful for Classic Hits to date, with an injection of international entertainment star quality: the first interview booked for the brekky show is actor Matthew McConaughey.
The Radio Network (TRN) CEO Jane Hastings says the new format will deliver better entertainment for modern adult listeners, and is aimed at an audience of 30+.
TRN owns both ZM and The Hits.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Does Seven-Dull Stand A Chance?

Comedian (his PR's word, not mine) Jesse Mulligan is out.
He's leaving TVNZ news show Seven Sharp at the end of this week.
He was the last original host of the show, which premiered in February last year: "I've had a good time making this show, but now it's time to get back to my comedy roots. Hosting Best Bits has reminded me how much fun a live audience can be, and I leave Seven Sharp confident that Mike and Toni will take the show from strength to strength."
This Thursday 17th is Mulligan's last show, but he'll continue to host Best Bits for TVNZ (I believe Best Bits is meant to be comedy, but it hasn't made me laugh yet).
It was bizarre that a Current Affairs prog, set opposite TV3's Campbell Live and aimed at bringing news to a young adult audience (who have very little interest in news and, if they did, would probably get it via their iphones) should be fronted by a comic - and a dubious one at that! In fact, the entire 7-Dull concept - presenters, style, content, graphics, set - seemed doomed from the start.
Mulligan added nothing to it, neither did Alison Mau - another of the original three - who should've stuck to lightweight consumer shows. The only one with any news talent was Greg Boyed, who saved his career by wisely leaving the show in Sept.2013.
TVNZ is not looking for a replacement for Mulligan, with new arrivals Mike Hosking and Toni Street staying.
Perhaps now 7-Dull may sharpen that remotely possible?

Update: 16 April 2014 - Meanwhile Mike Hosking's been described by Alison Mau as a 'dictator'!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Robert Gets His Wiggle On

What started out as a joke has led to a NZ radio host being invited to join one of the world's most popular children's groups.
Robert gives 'em
the brown eye!
Radio DJ Robert Rakete will soon make his debut as the 'brown Wiggle' on The Wiggles TV series. (No racial undertones here, oh no! This is just for KIDS, y'understand. Herrumph!)
Rakete performed with The Wiggles last year, when his co-host on The Breeze morning show Robert Scott suggested he join the group onstage: "They foolishly said yes, and after singing Hot Potato to 4000 screaming kids, they've invited me to go to Australia next week to film on the TV series as the fifth Wiggle!"
Rakete won't be leaving New Zealand or his job at The Breeze permanently: "I think of myself as like a Wiggle intern. It's just something I'm going to dip my toe into the waters of, and we'll see where we go from there."
The Wiggles formed in Australia in 1991 and have been hugely popular with children around the world ever since.
Here's Robert's Wiggles debut...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Giant Octopus Just Got Bigger!

Media monster APN is about to expand its reach into radio, by acquiring full ownership of the largest stations in New Zealand and Australia.
It'll cough up NZ$261million (A$264.5 million) for ClearChannel's 50% share in The Radio Network (TRN) - which includes NewstalkZB, Classic Hits, ZM, Radio Hauraki, Radio Sport, Coast, Flava, Hokonui and the Farming Show - and Australian Radio Network (ARN).
As part of the deal, ClearChannel will offer APN a 10yr.exclusive licensing agreement for its digital radio platform iHeartRadio, which was launched in NZ in Aug.2013 and hosts TRN radio shows.
TRN chief executive Jane Hastings says iHeartRadio is central to growing younger audiences, which would shore up its position as market leader.
The push into radio comes after APN sold several magazine titles, including The Listener and NZ Woman's Weekly to Bauer NZ.
APN, which owns the NZ Herald newspaper, also posted a A$2.6m profit after tax for the year to Dec.31, turning around a A$507m bottom-line loss in the prior year.
APN chief executive Michael Miller says one benefit of becoming 100% owner of TRN was the ability to make quicker decisions around the business. He says the opportunity to buy the Clear Channel stake at a good price was a good one. A single shareholder could work more closely with the TRN management team.
He says Clear was a "willing seller": its radio business was now purely in North America.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Hanging Up The Headphones Happily

It's been a year of broadcasting fuck-ups (eg: the right Royal Aussie Dial-A-Dickhead incident and the Willie Jackson/John Tamihere Let's-Ridicule-Rape phonecall).
So it's pleasing to see two of NZ's longer-serving radio personalities retiring with heads held high…rather than having been decapitated.
After 13½ years, Murray Deaker stepped down from the Sunday with Deaker show on Radio Sport, while on National Radio, Chris Laidlaw presented the Sunday Morning programme for the last time after 11 years.
Both men have left their jobs at the top of their game. Former Labour MP, All Black and race relations commissioner, Laidlaw held 14% of the Sunday morning radio audience. Meanwhile the fiery and often controversial Deaker won Sports Broadcaster of the year in 2012, and was a finalist
in 2013.
Unlike too many of today's so-called on-air "professionals", these two rarely put a foot wrong, delivering quality entertainment and information, and hang up their headphones with pride.
Deaker's replacement on Radio Sport will be the partner-bashing Tony Veitch, and Wallace Chapman takes over the Sunday Morning programme on Radio NZ.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hope For Seven Sharp?

TVNZ presenter Ali Mau is leaving the light current affairs evening show Seven Sharp, to host a new early afternoon programme with Willie Jackson on RadioLive.
She's the second host to quit 7-Dull since it began in February, with Greg Boyed wisely leaving in September to return to late-night news show Tonight. Comedian (his description, not mine) Jesse Mulligan is the only original host still on the show.
Toni Street
Two new faces will be tv Breakfast host Toni Street and scruffy opinionated broadcaster Mike Hosking: they may just be able to drag 7-Dull from its stagnant mire...TVNZ head of news and current affairs John Gillespie denies that this is the plan, even though critics have labelled it lightweight infotainment.
Mike "Do I really need
a shower?" Hosking
Hosking will double-dip on Newstalk ZB radiowaves, while a search hunts a replacement for Street on Breakfast. The future is less clear for ex-weatherman Tamati Coffey, who's been filling in on 7-Dull after Boyed's departure (and recently hosted NZ's Got Talent). He won't return to 7-Dull next year.
Meanwhile over on RadioLive, lesbian Alison Mau and maori radical Willie that should be 'interesting'. This'll replace the Jackson/John Tamihere pairing. They were taken off-air after a controversial interview about a teen rape issue. Tamihere will not be back.
Bill Ralston, former TVNZ news and current affairs boss, is surprised at the Mau/Jackson tag team but thinks they have potential "as long as they don't kill each other." We'll find out soon enough.

Monday, December 9, 2013

He Who Laughs Last...

One of the Ozzie dickhead DJs linked to a suicide following a prank phone call has fallen on her sword.
Radio host Mel Greig filed a claim last July against Southern Cross Austereo, accusing her employer of failing to maintain a safe workplace. WTF??!! The highly dubious claim followed a media storm over a prank phone call that linked Greig and colleague Michael Christian to the death of a British woman...
[Dec.2012: these two wastes-of-airspace made a prank call to a London hospital, where the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated for severe morning sickness. Grieg pretended to be the Queen and Christian posed as Prince Charles. They were put through to the Duchess' ward by nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who later took her own life after the hoax was widely publicised in the UK media.]
In a statement last week, Southern Cross Austereo said the dispute arising from the royal hoax had been "amicably resolved" and Greig had resigned, effective 31 December.
The company reiterated its position that recording and broadcasting the fateful call was not unlawful, and is now saying that 2Day FM decided the call should be broadcast without alteration - despite Greig supposedly having reservations after the call had been recorded! It also said Greig intends to provide a statement to the UK coroner's inquest and Southern Cross Austereo would cooperate fully. Riiiiigghhtt!
+ This sort of prank call is BARELY entertainment at the best of times.
+ The subject of this call could hardly have been regarded as 'the best of times'.
+ That two supposedly professional broadcasters willingly entered into it, puts their credibility into the crapper.
+ And that 2Day FM seems to have taken full responsibility for the broadcast raises culpability questions which the UK coroner may well have a field day with.
Meantime, Mel Greig is out (and Michael Christian should be too). 
The joke's not so funny now, is it, ya tossers!

Friday, October 18, 2013

From The Backblocks To The Empire's Bosum!

Today marks one of myriad historical events that've been lost in the mists of time...
In 1924, from a sheep station in Shag Valley (near Palmerston), East Otago, amateur radio operator Frank Bell (1896-1987) sent a ground-breaking Morse code transmission on his amateur radio station Z-4AA. It was received and replied to by amateur operator Cecil Goyder
Cpl.Frank D.Bell,
NZ Field Artillery,
taken 1916.
This was not only the first-ever, trans-world two-way radio communication of any type around the world, but also the first radio transmission of any kind to be sent and received at such a distance. Within hours, Bell was inundated with congratulatory telegrams, amateur radio call cards and letters.
These days we think nothing of having internet, skype, phone and wireless comms around the globe and into space. But back then, the wireless companies - already in possession of air time and armed with laws preventing interference by amateurs - had not been able to open up communications. This achievement was made by amateur Hams!
Frank and his older sister Brenda (1891-1979) were to become world radio pioneers. Their father Alfred, a keen amateur scientist, set up what was probably the first telephone connection in NZ, between two farmhouses in Shag Valley. As a boy Frank made his own crystal set and spent long hours listening to radio signals.
Frank was invalided home in 1917 after military service in France. While recuperating, he revived his interest in wireless. With a small group of amateur enthusiasts, he helped pioneer the use of short radio waves to communicate over long distances, initially through Morse-code telegraphy. He achieved a number of radio transmission firsts, including NZ's first overseas two-way radio contact with Oz (1923) and USA (1924). But it was his two-way radio conversation with UK on the evening of 18 October 1924 that made world headlines.
groundbreaking siblings in 1974
The humble and publicity-shy Bell was elected, in his absence, to the executive committee of the International Amateur Radio Union on its formation in Paris in 1925. But at this point he lost interest in radio, and focused on farming.
Brenda took over the wireless station, becoming NZ's first female amateur radio operator. Maintaining the groundbreaking work of her brother, she became the first NZer to contact South Africa in 1927, and went on to a professional career in radio.