Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Doing What He Does Best!

Now he's no longer Governor of California, Arnie can get back to doing what he does best: terminating!
The word from Tinseltown is that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be his most beloved character The Terminator, in at least one but possibly two sequels in the near future.
The move comes almost a year after the movie franchise rights sold for what seemed (at the time) an astounding figure of nearly US$30mill. But now that Arnie's signed up, it suddenly feels like a very bankable investment.
Anyone shelling out that kind of dosh will definitely be following it up with damn big money for damn big effects! Fans will expect Terminator 5: He’s Back or whatever it’s gonna be called to be a balls-to-the-wall orgasm of death, explosions and eye mutilation. Well, anything's gotta be better than the last serving - I was a tad disappointed in Terminator Salvation. Sure, it tied up a few loose ends (and gave us a computer-generated Arnie looking as chiseled and tight as in 1984) but otherwise I was underwhelmed. Maybe if they'd added a computer-generated Sarah Conner/Linda Hamilton looking as hot as she did in 1984, that might have made a difference!
Yea, ok, so it's not exactly intelligent viewing. But now and again, some serious splat escapism goes down well...and The Terminator sure can splat! Quite frankly, though I haven't been inside a cinema for a while, if there's another Terminator flick, I'll be back!

PS: 19 May 2011 - ...and now, he's the "Sperminator"!!!!
PS: 21 May 2011 - in light of the scandal, Arnie's put all future projects on hold.

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