Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dalziel Should Look Closer To Home

Labour MP Lianne Dalziel has her puritanical knickers in a knot, over increasingly raunchy Coronation Street!
Well, to be fair, she's concerned about everything that's steaming up TV's "family viewing" time. She's requested the Broadcasting Standards Authority move the 8.30pm watershed time earlier to 7.30pm (the watershed time being the point after which TV progs have adult content).
Eeeeeee, by goom! Could they be sisters...?
But by using venerable Coro Street as an example, she's undermined her case. She says the show's changed markedly since the days of its battleaxe character "Ena Sharples". Duuhh, hello - so has the entire world, Lianne! "Ena" appeared on Coro from 1960-1980: remember how naive the world was then? Well, TV merely reflects society. To get precious over TV themes of adultery, nudity, theft, murder and other skullduggery is to wear blinkers against what's sadly happening in reality.
Dalziel: "All of the challenges that parents have today in terms of the values they try to raise their children by, I just wonder if they realise what their children are watching." Hell, if parents don't want their kids to watch Coro, they can simply change the channel!
But locally-produced Shortland Street is far more raunchy than Coro has ever been! Medical misadventure, fraud, hit-men, lesbians, gangs, drugs... Shorty's got it all AND screens even earlier than Coro! And if you think cartoons are a safer option, think again: check out the innuendo and sexual references throughout The Simpsons and Family Guy to name just two...!
No, instead of moving the watershed time earlier to 7.30pm, which would then bring more AO-rated (Adults Only) programmes within reach of children, it would surely make more sense for TV to add more family-oriented programming prior 8.30pm...
But with a general election only seven months away, there're bigger fish for an opposition MP to fry. Perhaps Lianne Dalziel just needs to put down the TV Guide and get a life!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they need to take a good hard look at the scheduling of programmes re their content and not just because of their viewing ratings. A good example is TV1 on Monday nites. CASTLE (which is a non-offensive "safe" show) has been moved to 9.30, and preceded by CRIMINAL MINDS at 8.30 (which is usually pretty full-on "nasty" Adults Only stuff)! It does not make sense.

Corrie Fan said...

Dalzeil seems to have forgotten that "back in the good old days", Elsie tanner was a 'lady of dubious virtue' and eeee Our Hayley were actually a boy, like! Remember her sex-change op? Dierdre Barlow (opps, Rashid) has had affairs, as has Ken Barlow. And Rosie Webster (in all her glorious youthful bloom!) has been preceded by both her mum AND dad in affairs/living with others.
Nothing's new...

Carla, Howick said...

LOVE the picture!