Monday, May 23, 2011

Indecent Exposure in Wellington

A case of “small man syndrome”?
The suggested eyesore...
Wellington International Airport is serious about erecting a giant Wellywood sign on the Miramar hills, to "celebrate and promote" the city's film industry. Further, the city council’s already given it the 'go'!
Airport CEO Steve Fitzgerald: "A Wellywood sign is a clear message that Wellington’s a must-see destination with a really important film industry. Being niche and understated is cool positioning for a local audience, but to be relevant on the world tourism trail, we need to shout about why we are great." Much like those little yappy terriers – smallest on the street, yet they snarl the most viciously!
...and the original eyesore.
Fitzgerald should re-read the history of the Hollywood sign... built in 1923 as advertising for a new housing development called Hollywoodland, it was only meant to stand for 18mths.
After the idea was first mooted last year, the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce immediately asserted trademark rights over the name or variations, and the matter went to the lawyers. Well, you can guarantee this'll happen again: in fact Wellington businessman Jack Yan (co-author of Beyond Branding and a director of the Medinge Group branding think-tank) is making sure of it. He’s so opposed to the sign that he’s alerted the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.
The public also fervently disagrees with the sign: thousands have been swamping the social networking sites.
Sure, so King Kong, Avatar and Lord Of The Rings were all made in Wellington, but is that a reason to parady a real estate hoarding? And how long would it last in Wellington's legendary winds?
In fact, is there ANY need for a giant public erection at all?! If this actually happens, Wellington would look like a prize DICK…

+ + + If you're annoyed enough to want to stop this sign through LEGAL channels, why not email the the Trustees Of The Sign: I have! + + +

PS: 23 May 2011 - Locals are so angry about "Wellywood" they plan to blockade the airport tonight!
PS: 26 May 2011 - Council votes "thumbs down" to the sign, and one of NZ's wealthiest businessmen considers legal action to stop the damn thing!
PS: 27 May 2011 - Award-winning director urges airport rethink.
PS: 30 May 2011 - Another airport blockade planned...
PS: 01 June 2011 - Common sense prevails: NO 'WELLYWOOD'!!!
PS: 16 June 2011 - There WILL be a sign. It WON'T say 'Wellywood'. There WILL be a public vote on what it'll say. If you want to vote, YOU MAY HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE!!! WTF??!!


Timespanner said...

The heritage in my blood from my mother will always have me associating "Welly" with gumboots. Might do the same to those flying in to Wellington (named for the dear old duke, who gave his name to the footwear). Good on Jack Tan for letting the Hollywood folks know about this wet-weather gear idea.

Writer Of The Purple Sage... said...

Taihape already has a giant gumboot ("welly") at its northern entrance.
So perhaps the suggestion of a giant weta for Wellington has merit after all.
Mind you, a giant insect merely becomes free advertising for Weta Workshops, doesn't it! Ahhh, but then it's a PERFECT link-in to the original purpose of the Hollywoodland sign!!! Full circle!!

Timespanner said...

Well, there you go. Taihape should have words with the Wellingtonians about trying to steal their thunder.

Yes! Why not put a huge creepy-crawly on the mountainside? We know it's really one of our precious collection of native fauna, but it should go down an absolute treat with the furriners, eh?

Blow that, let's just rename Wellington "Wetaville", and be done with it ...

Anonymous said...

How about "WALLY-wood"...if the sign goes up, Wellington's gonna look like a pack of WALLYS!!!

Brett, Hamilton said...

Has there been any proper market research done on this sign?
Or is it just Steve Fitzgerald wanting to "leave his mark"?
Is this just a short-term gimmick (like the lingerie manufacturer renaming Pokeno for a year)? Coz the 'short-term' Hollywood sign is STILL there!!!
What is the PURPOSE of doing this????!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fitzgerald has overlooked one delicious piece of irony. Wgtn's film industry is built on excellence, creativity, innovation originality. Just how creative, innovative and original is it to copy Hollywood's sign?