Monday, May 9, 2011

Give Them A Chance!

Ahhhh, here we go. *sigh* It didn't take long, did it?
As soon as she ties the knot with Prince Will, Kate Middleton's every breath is tabloid front page news.
And now get this: 'Kate heads down the aisle again'.
*shock-horror-probe* "Swapping chic McQueen and a regal carriage for a green shawl and a shopping trolley, the new Duchess of Cambridge is getting back to her commoner roots. as she went supermarket shopping on the island of Anglesey, North Wales."
By all accounts, she loaded the shopping into her car all on her own (wow!!), then skipped as she ran the trolley back to the park. She looked very happy and was smiling at people...!

Riveting news...made even more exciting by the speculation that, although she was stocking up on basic grocery lines, she also bought a few special items - maybe she was preparing their first romantic meal as a married couple! Gosh!
And will the Daily Mirror follow this up with a sequel describing the actual meal? Then a story on their post-meal ablutions and which brand of toiletpaper was used?
Short memories: this is exactly how they hounded Will's mum...
PS: 11 May 2011 - And then there's the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society...hmmm, I've seen better.

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