Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not Good Time To Be A Terrorist

Want to buy a cheap retro watch? Think twice... wearing such a timepiece could make you a terror suspect!
More than 700 top secret US military documents, released by WikiLeaks, have revealed intelligence assessments of nearly all those detained in Guantanamo jail. Hmmm, isn't "military intelligence" a contradiction in terms? Must be because, in some cases, owning a certain model of Casio watch was enough to get a one-way ticket there!
These common-as-muck watches were known to have been given to al-Qaeda bomb-making students, after being instructed in how to use them as bomb timing devices.
And Muslims have another reason to love the watch. According to one of the detainees at Guantanamo, this watch has a compass that shows the direction of Mecca.
But hang about: on the other hand, the accused Casio is globally popular. Millions of innocent people around the world are believed to wearing one right now. Its low price and durability are why its so popular. It's cheap enough to be disposable but, unless you hit it with a hammer, it will never stop! I know, as a teenager I used to own one...
How absurd to be slammed into Guantanamo because of a watch!
Mind you, wearing such a watch is now a fashion crime...and must be dealt with as such!

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