Monday, March 7, 2011

A Choice At Breakfast Again

TV3 returns to the breakfast table again. This morning the network launches its latest tilt at the early-morning news market with 3News Firstline.
More bran needed
at breakfast time?
The show goes to air 11 months after poorly-rating Sunrise was pulled, and airs from 6-8.30am weekdays. It'll be straight news, a point of difference from TV One's Breakfast which degraded to little more than a vehicle for departed Paul Henry's immaturity and, even now - with fresh blood Corin Dann and Petra Bagust - is taking time to return to a more informative level.
The 3News Firstline show had been planned to coincide with the Rugby World Cup *yawn* and November's general election, but has been brought forward after the Christchurch earthquake.
As news is the focus, it's right to have a seasoned journalist - Rachel Smalley - fronting the show, instead of previous light-weight Sunrise presenters Carly Flynn and Oliver Driver. A former Sky News UK news anchor, Smalley has fronted TV3's Nightline since returning to New Zealand from Britain. She's excited about the challenge, saying TV3's absence from the morning news market has impacted on the network's news and current affairs department.
I enjoy starting my day being well-informed news-wise, so will be watching with interest as the show settles in...

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Anonymous said...

I've been watching this and it's very good. Using Rachael Smalley in this role must hasten the departure of the awful Bagust from the other side. A win win I'd say.