Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eroding The Memory

That word reminds me of the near-legendary 1975 5,000-strong protest march from the Far North to Wellington, led by 80 yr.old Whina Cooper. To call the current protest gaggle a "hikoi" is to belittle that effort.
Ngapuhi leader David Rankin has labelled it "an embarrassment". He says the protest over the Marine and Coastal Area bill will have no impact on the bill's passage through parliament: "Instead of wandering around the country to satisfy their own egos, these protesters should be in Christchurch helping their fellow NZers." Rankin feels the low turn-out reflects the level of maori support for their flagwaving rantings.
The Marine and Coastal Area bill replaces the Foreshore and Seabed Act. Attorney-General Chris Finlayson says it restores maori rights to seek customary title through the courts, while guaranteeing the rights of all NZers in the marine and coastal area. In other words, if a tribe can't prove exclusive use and occupation of the foreshore and seabed since 1840, then everyone regardless of ethnicity can freely enjoy that beach. As it should be.
Rabidity in their DNA?
Protest organisers John Junior Popata and Wikatana Popata complained bitterly that the bill was being rushed through, before they could get their 15 minutes of fame in Wellington. And then coincidentally a bomb scare cleared Parliament Buildings last week, delaying proceedings for a day. Curious... as it gained the "hikoi" extra time to get down there!
These nephews of Hone Harawira have a glowing track record:
Feb.2009 - assaulting the Prime Minister at Waitangi.
Jan.2010 - occupying private land, the former Taipa motor camp.
Oct.2010 - occupying council-owned Taipa Reserve.
Nov.2010 - boarding a tourist bus, to bitch about grievances.
March 2011 - leading the current protest march.
Ngati Kahu's Margaret Mutu once described the Popata bros as "good boys". Check the video in this NZ Herald story to see how "good boys" behave...!
I'll let Wikatana Popata have the last word in this post: “This is a clear message to the Government – we’re coming down and we’re going to take over this country.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.....
PS: 24 March 2011 - And for a good giggle at the Popatas' expense, have a read of Alf Grumble.
PS: 18 July 2011 - The Popatas are being "good boys" yet again...


Anonymous said...

david rankin should use his family chopping skills and go and cut some firewood for his kuia and kaumatua (elders) for this winter and make a great change in his and their lives.

You know what david rankin? 10% of men get all the girls!, (and sadly,like you!) the rest get their asses kicked in. They do not have a fricken clue what the hell is going on (they are the GIRLIE MEN) bangin the crap out of their heads (oh, yeh, and getting it banged out by their leaderless bitch) repeatedly because they do not know the truth. They are failures!
Davi rankin is the worst sort of GIRLIE MAN.
^Abuse of position david rankin!
You Insult our Tupuna HONE HEKE, HONGI HIKA and many more GREAT Tupuna! You have no WAIRUA! No MANA! You have given the public notice, that you are in fact david rankin the GI GIRLIE MAN ;/(
Someone had to drive this message home in the language david rankin excels in GIRLIEMANrerorero…and ah YES, a very sad case

Writer Of The Purple Sage... said...

Dear Anonymous:
Thank you so very much for your insightful eloquent prose.
You seem to have your finger firmly on the pulse of the situation. Tonight, all "GI Girlie Men" will be quaking in their boots!

Carl, New Plymouth said...

Jeez, which of the sad Popata nutters wrote that CRAP!!!!!!!!! It doesn't make any sense. Pretty much like their entire campaign!