Sunday, March 20, 2011

Comet-ee Comet-ee Corry Corry...?

The All Blacks have the official "ok" to do the haka.
Ngati Toa signed a deal with the NZ Rugby Union, allowing the ABs to use the haka - yeup, the very same one they've been performing for over a century without any problems!
The All Blacks, telling the world they don't
want female genitals on their heads...
But over the years, Ngati Toa has smelt a few bucks and wanted intellectual property rights. A bit cheeky really, given this haka has been in the public domain since the 1800s!
Still, the deal now confirms the ABs can continue using the haka, while the tribe gets formal assurance it will be performed with respect. Maori were concerned the haka was "used in a belittling and culturally offensive way". (Don't know where that idea came from: I've never seen any NZ sports team perform the haka disrespectfully...but I've seen overseas teams take the piss out of it. Let's face it: when your team crouches out in front waving arms, chanting, poking tongues out etc, you've gotta expect some back-lash. But that's a completely different issue.)
Most NZers were told the haka was a war cry used to belittle one's opponents anyway! But the story of the haka is far less dramatic. In much abridged form:
warrior chief Te Rauparaha was being chased by some bad guys. He hid in a kumara (sweet potato) pit while the local chief's missus sat on top. The baddies cast spells to find him, but he was saved by the female genitals plonked on his head! Yeup, maori believe "girlie bits" have the power to ward off magic!! Te R was so thrilled to be saved, and to get the "girlie bits" off his head (maybe he was gay?), that he burst into song. The haka's inspired lyrics are:
I die! I die! I live! I live! I die! I die! I live! I live!
This is the hairy man who fetched the sun
And caused it to shine again.
One upward step! Another upward step!
An upward step, another.. the sun shines! Hee!


PS: 20 Sept.2011 - After all the hoo-hah about granting the ABs permission to use the haka, a maori leader is now claiming it's been "hijacked by rugby people for commercial purposes"!!! Duuuhhhh...hello!!!!

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