Monday, March 14, 2011

Ring Of Truth?

Whether you're a skeptic or not, Ken Ring’s words on Valentine’s Day were eerie.
The mathematician is a long-range weather forecaster who bases his predictions around the moon, sun and other scientific activity.
He publishes Ken Ring's Predict Weather Almanac and Isobaric Maps and is the author of The Lunar Code: How the Moon affects our Weather on Earth, Ken Ring's Predicting the Weather by the Moon and Moon and Weatherlore. All are based around his theory that the Earth's weather is caused by the moon's gravitational effect on our atmosphere, and therefore the weather can be predicted by observing the position and movement of the moon. And these weather predictions can be written 'twenty or 200' years ahead (it's the same methodology used for thousands of years in the past by our ancestors).
But it’s his earthquake calls that have got people buzzing.
On February 14th 2011 Mr Ring made this tweet: “Potential earthquake time for the planet between 15th-25th, especially 18th for Christchurch, +/- about 3 days.” As we know, the 6.3 magnitude quake struck four days from his 18th assessment, just one day outside his margin of error.
For some, that forecast - while not absolutely precise - was too accurate to discount. However, on the other side of the fence (and there's plenty of opinion on the internet) his ramblings have no basis beyond the minds of the mad.
Last September though, Ken Ring said that another big one was on its way: "The (Sept.4th) Christchurch earthquake was predictable. And there's another coming in 6 months."
TV3's Campbell Live interviewed Ken Ring - and so verbally mauled him that John Campbell apologised on-air the following night, after many complaints. TV3 has not found a single scientist, geologist or seismologist who believes Ken Ring, however they've found members of the public who say they joined his site and knew the latest big quake was coming.
Ken is now saying another biggie will strike on March 20th!
For the sake of Christchurch, Ken....I'm sure you'll appreciate the sentiment when I say I really hope you're wrong.
PS: 17 March 2011 - As the date draws near, many Chch people are growing terrified...
PS: 20 March 2011 - Ken Ring "softens" his prediction...
PS: 21 March 2011 - Chch had a 5.1 quake over the weekend. Scientists were very quick to say there was no link to Ken Ring's predictions. The big question is: BUT - HOW - DO - THEY - KNOW???

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