Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good Example For Junior

Recently I saw something that bolstered my faith in mankind...and in particular young parents.
I was in a fast food outlet and watched a nearby young couple with babe in highchair. As was typical behaviour for a lad of that age, he was depositing on the floor at least twice as much food as he consumed! But mum and dad weren't making any fuss: they were enjoying their family outing.
When they'd finished their meal they packed up the vast amount of products seemingly required these days to maintain a young toddler, put the highchair away in the corner...and then got down on their knees and cleaned up all the mess that'd been dropped on the floor!
Y'know, so many people eating in such places would just leave all the food remains and packaging scattered across the table, and walk off with the attitude: "The staff can clean it up. After all, that's what they're paid for!"
I suggest the staff - paid the bare minimum wage - are there to cook, serve, sweep and clean, but not to have that servitude abused by lazy consumers.
However this couple was quite prepared to clean up after their wee son, no questions asked. I was impressed.

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