Thursday, March 10, 2011

HIV Stats Worst Ever: WHY?

Record numbers of gay and bisexual men were diagnosed with HIV in NZ last year.
Otago Uni’s AIDS Epidemiology Group found 90 new infections among gays/bisexuals in 2010, but record low rates of new infections among heterosexuals.
NZ Aids Foundation director Shaun Robinson says the HIV epidemic has never been worse for the gay community: "Not even in the early days of the 1980s were rates of infection this bad in NZ." He’s called for more HIV testing to make sure the disease is diagnosed while still in its early stages. "These men may have had HIV and been sexually active for a long time before they were diagnosed, which means they missed out on treatment and were also likely to be more infectious. This situation could have been avoided by regular HIV testing."
Sorry to nit-pick…but regular testing alone could not have changed this situation one iota! Tests will only deliver bad news to someone – but they won’t stop someone infecting others. Only common sense, basic decency and contraception will stop someone killing someone else, through unprotected “I don’t give a damn about you” sex. Either that or total abstinence.
HIV/AIDS is preventable through correct use of condoms. We all know this. So why did record numbers of gays/bisexuals contract HIV last year? While they're not the only ones transmitting HIV, they are in the high-risk category. Do they feel they’re bulletproof? Or do they just not care when they’re bedding someone?
We rarely hear anything about HIV in the news these days. I wonder if people think it’s been cured or that there’s some cheap and easy magic treatment to hold it at bay?
Obviously the situation requires more education and publicity than it currently gets.

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