Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Hook Of Repetition

Been listening to a bit of Sky's music Channel 63 lately.
Just playing in the background, but it's high-rotating a song that's so catchy I actually had go to the tv and watch the video.
It's called Rill Rill by an American group Sleigh Bells. Ok, it's lyrics are not clever (actually more "a little disturbing") but its repetition actually hooked me in, a bit like Rihanna's Umbrella (Ella Ella) did a few years ago.
The video, shot in the Californian desert, has an undercurrent of knives, tattoos, black ravens, "the number of the beast" 666, and pentagons (though unless she's singing about the military, I guess she really means "pentagram" - a 5-pointed devil-worship inverted-star symbol, whereas a pentagon is a 5-sided polygon).
And I couldn't help but notice a continuity error as well: he's leaning against the car, she walks towards him, he throws her the keys...but the car's still idling with a plume of exhaust chugging out the back. Hmmmmmmmm.
However...in the clip a couple is driving through the desert (loved the car: a classic Pontiac Firebird). She's behind the wheel singing, his head is hanging down - you assume he's asleep. He slowly flops against her shoulder...awww how sweet. But as she pushes him away against the side window, you notice he's sporting a bullet hole through his temple! Then she opens the car door and pushes his body out! Lovely!!! Good to know that after rolling out of the car, Dead Dude still keeps his cool Ray-bans on.
Anyway, if you wanna see what I'm rambling about, here's the clip.

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