Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hmmm, Ask Yourself....

A 572-pound/40 stone/260kg (!!) spokesman for a Phoenix restaurant that unashamedly runs an unhealthy high-calorie menu, died last week.
29-year-old 6'8" Blair River was the larger-than-life spokesman for Chandler's Heart Attack Grill. There, waitresses dress as nurses and the owner wears a doctor's lab coat, but the menu is quite the opposite of health-conscious: it offers meals in excess of 8,000 calories! They feature huge hamburgers, milkshakes and fries cooked in pig fat. A sign in front of the building reads: "Caution. This establishment is bad for your health." And wow, here's a selling point: if you're over 350lbs/25 stone/158kg (!!), you can eat free there every day!
The owner says: "Yes, we're absolutely guilty for glorifying obesity, it's what we do." Even some diners agree - it's your choice to eat there or not.
When Blair River signed up to his contract last year, he said he felt healthy and had no regrets about the way he lived his life. He felt the Heart Attack Grill gig was all in good fun.
The owner wants him to be remembered as a gentle giant and not someone who represented poor eating habits. Hmmm, wonder how the young daughter he left behind will remember him...?

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