Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yet They Parted "The Best Of Friends"...

Didn't take long for the acrimony to emerge, did it!
And now let's play the family game:
"Odd Man Out"!
The agreement between Hone Harawira and his previous pals in the Maori Party, not to attack each other, seems dead before the handshake's even cooled.
Party co-leader Tariana Turia's labelled him an embarrassment for missing the second reading vote on the Marine and Coastal Area Bill. That follows Hone-bro calling his former cohorts lapdogs, for supporting the bill.
Hone says the party reversed a deal to leave him in decent offices *awwww!*. It's also surfaced that a member from the Maori Party caucus requested Harawira be taken off the Maori Affairs Select committee - but because his appointment was approved by Parliament and because he was no longer a member of the Maori Party, the request was denied.
So now the Maori Party is ready to stand a candidate against Hone if he breaches their divorce deal. They agreed that, at the general election, he'd stand in Te Tai Tokerau as an independent or a member of another party and in return the Maori Party wouldn't contest his seat. They also agreed both sides would focus on the issues and not publicly criticise each other. But HH reckons the party's calling him names *sob* and so he won't rule out standing candidates against the Maori Party if he gets a new party running in time *nyah-nyah!*. The Maori Party says "Bring it on, bro!"
HH doesn't want a war, but he's still going ahead with meetings to gather support for a new political party anyway. So far, a truly stunning turn-out in Auckland: 20 (yesterday's NZHerald editorial thinks he shouldn't even bother)!! Yet he reckons there's wide interest and he's talked to several former MPs "and all sorts of other people" about forming it.
Wonder if he's caught up with Rangi at the Ruatoria Kai Cart yet? He reckons he's the next Minister of Economic Development. Easy.
Yea...good luck with that.
PS: 04 April 2011 - The Maori Party is reviewing its "non-aggression pact" with HH, after his continued criticism of the party. Yes, those pacts rarely work: didn't Poland sign one with Hitler in '34?

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