Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Trams Are Here

Auckland's new heritage trams arrived this week.
Well, not exactly "new", but ya knows what I means. Both trams were restored at the Bendigo Tramway Museum in Victoria, Australia, painted in the original 1950s 'carnation red', and will soon be signed as "Waterfront Auckland Trams".
Waterfront Auckland has leased the two 1920s trams to run on the new tracks installed in the Wynyard Quarter. In total, they can seat 84 gawking tourists, riveted by the views of the new development... hmmmmm. Expect to see 'em running the circuit from early August. OMG! Just in time for the *yawn* yeup, RWC.
One thing I’m interested in checking out is their noise: Waterfront Auckland used a unique installation technique when installing the tracks, involving a special type of polyurethane poured into the trench where the tracks sit. This acts as a shock absorber and reduces the sound and vibration, and is the first time it’s been used in the Sthrn Hemisphere.
Another part of the development nears completion: Wynyard Crossing, the opening bridge taking pedestrian and cycle traffic from the Auckland Viaduct to Wynyard Quarter, is almost ready. An operator will open the bridge for vessels entering or leaving the Viaduct Basin.
And installation of the RWC piss-up venue, The Cloud, on Queens Wharf is well underway too…note the old lady Kestrel tied up to the wharf in the pic.
The Waterfront Auckland website is worth checking out regularly, to stay updated on the revitalization process…
PS: 24 June 2011 - for more FAQ on the trams, check out AKT.

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Mad Bush Farm said...

Heck now I want to be one of those Gawking tourists - ex Aucklander that I am.