Monday, June 6, 2011

Getting Ahead Of Themselves

A pair of presumptious political pontifications poked my eye this weekend: probably premature.
Hobbit in da hedge?
 The first came from the Green Party which says supporting a National-led government is “highly unlikely” but isn't ruling it out altogether. And why would it, if it means riding the gravy train for the next three years?
At their annual pow-wow yesterday, delegates also said they’d support a Labour-led govt in the right circumstances. Again, another chance to board the ol’ gravy train…bets both ways!
Here’s the line that made me smile, from Greens co-leader Russel Norman – he said a Greens-led govt would keep it local by transferring all govt banking to Kiwibank. Sorry? A Greens-led govt? Greens-LED?!!
Mummy's boy...
The second smirk-raising comment came from The Bro himself. Hone Harawira was doing the hongi-thing with 3,000 noses at the Destiny Church in Auckland on Saturday night. He said if he’s elected to Parliament as an MP for the Mana Party, he won’t be returning as someone else's lapdog. (Ha! Wonder if his mother knows this??!!) He said he’ll create a maori Parliament if elected in Te Tai Tokerau. A maori Parliament? Keep dreaming, sunshine – every democratic country on this planet has but one governing body, one set of rules for all.
Where do these muppets get off thinking they have any chance of holding NZ’s political process to ransom? Let’s face it: they have to be re-elected first, and then with enough seats to be even considered as anything more than a flea on a dog's arse.
Sounds to me like their carts are very much ahead of their horses!

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