Friday, June 24, 2011

Shock The Monkey!

Notorious NZ radio shock jock Iain Stables is probably still getting over his own shock!
This week he lost an assault case, arising from a public scrap with Jetstar check-in worker Patrick Ulberg at Auckland Airport last October, after he was told his flight’s check-in was closed. Stables was charged with disorderly behaviour likely to incite violence - Ulberg was found not guilty of assault.
The judge said Stables' behaviour was beyond that of a merely disgruntled passenger, branding him abusive and aggressive, and making specific reference to a racial obscenity directed at Ulberg, a Samoan. He found Ulberg was legitimately threatened and acted to protect himself.
Stables admitted he became disgruntled but justified his position by saying there’s no excuse "for punching someone eight times in the head". Ulberg is a lot larger than Stables – those punches would definitely have hurt (although eight IS excessive!). Here’s the TV One Close-Up article of the incident (with video footage of the fisticuffs) decide. Following the ruling, police are reviewing their case against Stables.
Stables had been due to start a job with Radio Hauraki but that was terminated after the incident. He’s under no illusion his radio career is over: "It's cost me everything." Perhaps he should've considered that before losing his cool! (I wonder if his over-reaction was somehow linked to his bipolar condition.) Ulberg said he didn't regret anything about the incident: "No, it's a big lesson for all, you have to calm down yourself."
So true! We’ve had too many instances in recent years of people in media and high-profile positions, thinking they can get their own way. Their egos forget that they’re only doing a job - and in a privileged position, at that! Being in the public eye makes them no more important than anyone else…but it adds another level of responsibility to their public behaviour.
PS: 28 July 2011 - Another shock: police drop charges against Stables!!!

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