Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spot The Difference

Watching you watching me
watching you watching me...
With cross-border tension between Nth and Sth.Korea high, an interesting story caught my eye last weekend...
Two Sth.Korean soldiers just south of the border shot their K2 rifles at an Asiana Airbus 321 passenger plane descending into their capitol Seoul from China, thinking it was a Nth.Korean jet! According to an official, the lads let rip 99 rounds: "The firing continued for 10 minutes but the plane was too far off the rifle's range and received no damage."
Lucky the fools didn't launch a missile: that WOULD have hit the plane! But no, the plane didn't sustain any damage, because:
(1) with the K2's effective range of 500-600m, they KNEW they wouldn't hit it.
(2) the K2's 20- or 30-round magazine means each man changed mags at least twice. TWICE?!
(3) they fired 99 rounds in 10 minutes?! A plane's approach doesn't take that long. And between two men, that's only a round every 12sec! I reckon these idiots were blasting off some rounds for the hell of it, the plane flew into their view, and they panicked that they might have hit it. Well, it's off to the salt mines holiday camp
I'm 44.5m long...
for them!
Since May, Nth.Korea's rhetoric has got tougher. Sth.Korea has told troops that if Nth.Korea attacks, they should strike back immediately without waiting for orders. The North has also threatened an
...and I'm 15.7m long.
 attack, to protest Sth.Korea's use of photos of the North's ruler as rifle-range targets. Last week, the South deployed surface-to-surface missiles near the border, capable of hitting the Nth.Korean capital Pyongyang.
In that environment, it's understandable that trigger fingers may get tense, but hello! In one of these photos is a Airbus 321...in the other is a Mig-21 (similar to Nth.Korean jets). See the similarities? No, I don't either! Thankfully the South is now teaching soldiers to play "spot the difference".
PS: 22 June 2011 - Now they're blaming FOG...yet they still fired for 10 minutes!!!!

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