Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still Dead – Thankfully So

Thankfully hackers can't raise the dead.
This week, PBS NewsHour's website was hacked, and a false story emplanted about dead rapper Tupac Shakur (1971-1996). Supposedly he's still alive and well, here in New Zealand!
Even after the story was withdrawn, Shakur's resurrection spread like wildfire. And some dicks believed it!
Can't afford a belt, so F.U.!
Tupac's short arrogant life reads like something you'd scrape off your shoe:
Named after executed Peruvian revolutionary.
Parents active in Black Panthers.
Godfather, high ranking Black Panther - murderer.
Sister - copkiller.
Stepfather 4yrs on FBI's Ten Most Wanted - jailed for armoured car robbery, two cops and guard killed.
1991: 2pac tries to sue cops for $10m., alleging brutality.
1992: cop killed by teen inspired by 2pac's songs about killing police.
1993: 2pac forms Thug Life - anti-establishment, aggressive, gangsta.
1993: 2pac shoots/injures two cops, claiming they were assaulting someone.
1993: sentenced 4½ years for sexual assault; served part; released pending appeal.
1994: shot five times and robbed.
1995: a man, 2pac suspected for his shooting, murdered.
1996: forms Outlawz, names members after dictators, military leaders, enemies of USA (names himself after Niccolo Machiavelli, who preached a leader should eliminate his enemies by all means necessary).
1996: sentenced to 4mths jail for violating bail.
1996: mortally wounded in drive-by shooting. Body cremated; ashes later mixed with dope and smoked by members of Outlawz.
One of his mottos: "Live by the gun, die by the gun"...
Charming gentleman, pillar of society, take him home to meet your mamma…not! The sort of violent low-life scum that society is better off without…
Why anyone would believe for even a nano-second that NZ would be happy to accommodate such garbage (assuming he had risen from those doobie ashes!)…completely escapes me!
Spleen now vented. End of tirade. Pass the cocoa and digestives.

UPDATE: 05 Feb.2016 - So who DID kill Tupac? Former LAPD Detective says he knows... [link]

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