Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Naughty Little Boys Get Spanked

Ooooooooooo, aren't they being naughty little boys at Hawke's Bay Regional Prison!
Last week, five inmates staged a roof-top protest, after one was told his security rating was to be increased. They spent a rather cold night up on the roof before giving in to reality...now all those involved will have their security classifications reviewed, and face charges.
This week, a 'copycat' protest at the same prison - a fire was lit in a cell, some prisoners refused to return to their boudoirs after the event, and stayed out in a secure recreation yard until midnight. What a shame someone didn't think to squirt a firehose over them at the same time!
Quite frankly, leaving those clowns up on the roof through a cold night, or in an exposed recreation yard, is a perfect solution... and let's hope it's raining or frosty when they do it! Their lil' hissy-fits will soon cool off when their core temperature drops!
To any PC-oriented readers, that may sound harsh...but hey, that's what jail should be all about. Learning lessons. Serving dues. Come to think of it, a bit of rock-pounding or road maintenance in leg-irons wouldn't go amiss either.
Despite Sue Bradford's feelings to the contrary, naughty little boys who repeatedly offend earn themselves a spanked butt. Naughty little inmates who wanna climb up onto wet windswept rooftops earn themselves a frozen butt. They should also be made to clean up all the fire damage themselves...or live in a smoky cell until they do. Plus of course the cost of any damage done during their hissy-fits could be added to their 'debt to society', in either dollar terms or extra time to serve.
Either way, they're not in prison to be treated with kid gloves!


Welcome to NZ Pounamu said...

I found your blog today and my reactions to what you write have been varied.

Though I don't live in NZ at the moment it's nice to stay in touch with what's happening.

In the case of this topic I have to agree with your sentiment. Perhaps if the young men and women in NZ prisons came to experience Saudi justice, they'd straighten themselves out even faster.

Writer Of The Purple Sage... said...

Hi there, NZP:
From what little I've read of Saudi justice, I'm inclined to agree!
As for what I write, let's just say that cooking requires the pot to be stirred now and again...LOL. If my bog generates some comments, I'm pleased, as it's always good to hear other people's points of view.
Thanks for your message! Stay safe out there. :-)