Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ratana Parish Calls Hone ‘prophet’!

Oh, Heaven forbid…exactly!!
Just call me 'God'...
As if his ego needs any more stroking, members of a Ratana Church parish believe Hone Harawira is the fulfilment of a prophecy!
They organised a hikoi from South Auckland to Kaitaia last Friday: this massive show of support for The Bro in the upcoming Te Tai Tokerau by-election consisted of…12 people on a bus. By the time the bus got through Waitakere in west Auckland, that number had dropped to six.
Kereama Pene, a senior Ratana minister, says Hone Harawira closely embodies a prophecy by church founder T.W.Ratana (1873-1939).
“What (Ratana) basically said was, if all the people lose hope, 'turn your eyes to the north, a young man will rise up carrying the Treaty'.”
Mr Harawira says he’s humbled by talk that he may be the Prophesied One, but he is not actively pursuing it.
That would be rather wise, methinx! Y’see, Akuhata Kiwa (1917) prophesied the coming of Ratana himself (as did a number of other maori seers), saying: “This young man will come before I have passed through death’s veil. There will be no prophets or knowledgeable teachers after him, never.” In their zealous support of Hone-bro, the good folk of Ratana seem to have forgotten that particular prophecy: there - will - be - no - moreprophetsafterRatana.
Hipa Te Maiharoa (1868) said: “The one who will save (the maori people) will come forth in the Taranaki area…”. But being born in Whangarei and raised in west Auckland, Hone again doesn’t fit the bill.
Enough said.


Santo said...

This is as ridiculous as Brian Tamaki crowning himself a bishop in his own Destiny Church.
And if Hone wins this by-election, the Harawiras will certainly PROFIT (following the fine example of the Tamakis).
Wonder if this has anything to do with Harold Camping's Armageddon (due last May 21st... or is it October?). Another false prophet...

M.Jassal said...

Meantime PM John Key (National) is publically backing Kelvin Davis (Labour) while Tariana Turia (Maori) is saying her own candidate Solomon Tipene is a nice guy but can't cut the mustard. What a most bizarre scramble!

A Morehu said...

Whai kororia, Hareruia ki a Ihoa o Nga Mano. Na te Matua, te Tama, te Wairua Tapu, me nga Anahera Pono, me te Mangai hei tautoko, aia nei, ake nei, AE.

Nga mihi mahana ki a tatou katoa. I know this is an old post, but i just HAVE to say, Kereama Pene and the Kia Maia Parish are MERELY PEBBLES in the vast ocean of Ratana followers. This "notion" Kereama has drummed up is NOT a common belief amongst all Morehu.

FURTHERMORE, in response to the comment about the man who prophesied the coming of Ratana, it WAS said, "a young man will come BEFORE i pass through deaths veil and there wont be any more thereafter." And there WEREN'T any after Ratana - BEFORE he passed. AFTER he passed is another story.

Na reira, ko te Mangai ANO hei tautoko mai, aia nei, ake tonu atu, AE.