Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don't Ya Wish Your Air Crew Was Dressed Like Me?

Flying with Air New Zealand in the last few days, you may have spotted their new uniforms.
Flight attendants got geared-up this week, with ground staff uniforms appearing gradually over the next few months. Ahhhh, just in time for the *yawn* you-know-what...given Air NZ's ardent (read: near-fanatical) support for local rugby, the timing of the uniforms' introduction is hardly a surprise.
This is the same Trelise Cooper design slammed by staff last year, as resembling "drag queen Barbie"! It's also what got some grass skirts in knots, over supposed "disrespectful" use of maori symbols!
Around 90,000 garments have been made, for more than 5,000 staff. Air NZ calls the uniform contemporary and based on NZ themes - it has uniformity but still allows individual choice according to body type and 'personality preference'. I guess that means, given Air NZ's PC bending-over for the gay community (after recent in-flight video controversies), any swingin' flight crew can choice the pink!
Myself, I dunno know why they couldn't have kept the stewardesses' uniforms that were painted onto naked bodies...!

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