Monday, September 10, 2012

The Ridges: Who DO They Think They Are?

So like bimbos in the headlights...
Oh my god.
They're like so finally here.
Whether you wanna compare 'em to America's Kardashians or Oz joke couple Kath and Kim, Sally and daughter Jaime Ridge are like so on NZ TV like this week. Oh - my - god.
Pre-publicity has drawn waves of insults for the bubbleheads, but those in TVland who've caught previews say it's actually hilarious entertainment (the cheques're in the mail, guys)! So either their opinion of what constitutes good viewing is like totally naff...or NZ is misjudging TV3's new reality show The Ridges before we've even seen it. Hmmm...
The show promises an insight into the celebrity circuit and glamorous nightlife (WTF???) of Auckland. The pair hope it will quell a public misunderstanding that they're simply dumb attention-seeking bints. Jaime: "I imagine there'll be a lot of people who'll want to watch us to bag us." No shit, Sherlock! Maybe she's brighter than she looks...
Sally: "People do criticise us an awful lot, and the reality is you really shouldn't judge anyone until you meet them." Well, we'll sure see plenty, but how much of this homegrown reality tv is actually real? For instance, would Sally really renovate a rundown, rodent-infested boarding house? And if there was no camera crew following her every move, would Jaime actually have a boxing bout with a cast member of another piece of reality garbage, The GC? Er, no.
Does my ego look big in this?
So who ARE these two anyway? Well, 18yr.old model Jaime is studying law because...well...she couldn't think of what else to do. Seriously! And woop-de-doo, she used to sleep with All Black Sonny Bill Williams. Sal? Well, she was a regular in the gossip rags after marrying former All Black/NZ Warriors player Matthew Ridge... before she started polishing ex-Black Cap Adam Parore's cricket balls. She's a former interior designer and owned a failed undies company.
Will there be any real reality tv, nails?
The Ridges, TV3, Wed.Sept.12, 7.30pm

PS: 13 Sept.2012 - The Ridges fails to impress..

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