Saturday, September 29, 2012

Close Up: That's Close Enough

TVNZ is finally pulling the plug on its weeknight current affairs show Close Up.
A new daily current affairs show "with a distinctively different format" will launch in the 7pm slot in the new year.
Head of News and Current Affairs Ross Dagan says the closure of the 8yr.old show is a response to feedback that viewers want "something fresh and quite different in early evening current affairs. Close Up remains the number one daily current affairs show by a substantial margin, but ratings for us and for our competitors in this important time slot have diminished over time."
TVNZ won't be releasing details of the proposed new show at this stage. Of course, everyone has an opinion on what that replacement should be and what it should look like. Some are even saying it would be a disaster for news and viewers...but have they really watched Close Up recently? The reality is, TVNZ could put a walrus on at 7pm on TV One and people would still watch. Oh, that's right, they did. Current host Mark Sainsbury has held the job since 2006. Will I miss his struggling interview style (" mean...look...anyway...")? No.
But please let's not entertain a return of the love-him-or-hate-him Paul Henry! That would require buying out his Australian tv contract and would be something NZ taxpayers would be rather pissed off about, quite apart from his pathetic juvenile twittering toilet humour.
Will they find a completely new untapped talent?
Might they consider the return of Cameron Bennett?
Will they revert to a bulletin, followed by 30min.of current affairs and then something else altogether at 7pm?
Some actual quality entertainment would be appreciated...

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