Friday, September 7, 2012

New Addition To NZ Dictionary

Never a dull mo when Da Bro's in da house.
Mana Party leader/legendary foulmouth Hone Harawira has accused Maori Party MPs of being the Prime Minister's "little house niggers", over their indecision about attending a water rights hui.
The Maori King has called the meeting for iwi leaders, the Maori Council and politicians to try to secure a joint approach on Maori interests in water.
John Key's banned National's Maori MPs from attending: "If you're a govt.MP, you represent the Crown. Any representation by my MPs at such an event would be interpreted as representation by the Crown and I've made that position absolutely crystal clear: I do not accept the view that there needs to be national hui because I do not accept there will be a national settlement because I do not accept it's a national issue." Riiiiiiight. So we're all clear on Johnno's position? He does not accept that he does not accept that...
Meanwhile the Maori Party's attendance is still being decided, and waddya know - that was like a red rag to a bullish prick! Harawira leaps onto his Facebook soapbox to lash out at their reluctance. He accuses his former political pals of falling in line behind National Party policy, in his usual style to which we've become accustomed: "Time John Key realised a few home truths like (1) he can tell his little house niggers what to do, but (2) the rest of us don't give a shit for him or his opinions." And yours are any more valid, HH?
Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell labels Da Bro's choice of words a 'Honeism': "We don't pay much attention to Hone's comments because most of the time it is untruthful. If we worried about what Hone said at every turn we'd feel quite annoyed all the time."
As a whitey, I wonder if I could call a maori a "nigger" or a "coon" or a similar term in public and get away with it, under the new term 'Honeism'? Is this socially acceptable for all...or just for Da Bro?

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