Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fugitive Fights On

For this year’s annual Antarctic whale hunting season, Japan - be warned.
Fugitive Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson has issued a statement that his group's next campaign against nasty Nippon will make sure not a single whale gets killed. This year’s operation is called Operation Zero Tolerance.
No-one has seen Watson since he skipped bail in Germany last July, and INTERPOL issued a Red Notice for him (Costa Rica had been attempting to extradite him on charges of endangering a fishing vessel in 2002). Contrary to popular belief however, this Red notice was NOT an arrest warrant...
Watson claims there's a huge lobby of charges backed by Japan, so it can prevent him and his group from carrying on thwarting its commercial whaling. Watson’s legal team is working on exposing the local warrants from Costa Rica and Japan as being politically
Sea Shepherd's website says Watson is expected to make an anti-whaling presentation at a fundraising event in Sydney, Australia in November. The Japanese whaling fleet commences its run in December and Sea Shepherd ships follow suit from Australia, trying to harass and stop them from killing whales.
This season, following the generosity of tv show The Simpsons' producer Sam Simon, SS will approach the whaling fleet with yet another ice-strengthened vessel, MV Sam Simon. That may give the environmentalists four ships (Bridgette Bardot, Sam Simon, Steve Irwin and Bob Barker) to face the Japanese whaling fleet in this operation and completely shut down all whaling activity: such is the hope of Watson and Co., and the fervent dream of all their supporters worldwide.

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