Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pay Up Or Piss Off

In a move that'll bring smiles to the faces of many hardworking taxpayers, the govt's finally cracking down on bludgers.
Three govt agencies will pool info, to slash the number of people wanted by police while claiming benefits.
Social Development Minister Paula Bennett signalled during the last election campaign that the govt wanted to stop payments to beneficiaries subject to arrest warrants. She confirmed it this week, by announcing a sharing of information with the police and Ministry of Justice.
More than 8000 of about 15,000 people subject to arrest warrants are on a benefit. 58% of people with outstanding warrants clear them within 28 days. The new rules give them an extra 10 days to clear or challenge the warrant before their benefit is stopped. Bennett says the policy is not 'beneficiary bashing'.
Of course, the Green Party sees it all quite differently. Co-leader Metiria Turei: "It's typical tactics from Paula to try and avoid the real issue of child poverty." She claims it'll make no difference to those on the run from police, as they generally would not be meeting their Work and Income obligations.
Well, Turei, some of your Green voters may well be on the run from police, or harvesting 'green economy' materials deep in the Coromandel forests...if so, why TF should they get a benefit?! This collaberation seems to be a way of tieing off a few loose ends, and ensuring a bit more benefit money is available for those who actually need and deserve it! Not long-term unemployed without good reason...not dak-growers down in da boondocks...not 'those on the run from police'. Let's face it: if they're fugitives, why should we pay their escape petrol?
It's time the bludgers in NZ got a good kick in their arses.

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