Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rena Wreckers Walk

Leonil and Mauro: bloody wankers!
It's obviously a tough life being a mass polluter!
Having a grand ol' birthday party knees-up, while your container ship sails full-bore off-course and onto a well-charted reef...spilling oil and cargo hither and yon...falsifying documents to try and hide your obvious guilt...then when you're sentenced, incurring only a 7mth term - and furthermore, serving it in a cushy NZ prison where you're visited regularly by do-gooders concerned about your welfare and state-of-mind!
Yeup, it's tough all right.
And today, after serving only half of that pathetically small penalty, the captain and navigation officer of the Rena are heading home (er...are being deported) to the Philippines.'s headline yesterday said: Rena crew members walk free. Walking sure feels that way. A free walk, after causing so much damage. Why do I get the impression neither of them will be losing any sleep over this merry little incident?
Good riddance, captain Mauro Balomaga.
Good riddance, navigation officer Leonil Relon.
Don't come back here again.

PS: 06 Sept.2012 - And as a final slap-in-the-face to NZ, this pair have kept their jobs!!!

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Paul from Tauranga said...

Wheres the bloody justice?!