Sunday, September 2, 2012

Panic Button

You're more likely to die in a car wreck on the way to the airport than you are in a plane crash.
Right. Thanks for that. Just one of many helpful bits of advice dished out to people with a fear of flying. Hardly reassuring, really.
But there’s a new app that is! The VALK Foundation (a Dutch group that's a partnership between KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and the University of Leiden) has launched an app called Flight App VALK.
The VALK Foundation was one of the first centres for research and fear-of-flying treatment in the world, and has organised three world conferences on the subject. Its app (for iPhone, iPad and Android users) is the first scientifically-developed, web-based treatment for people who suffer from mild to moderate fear of flying. It says up to 30% of adults are fearful fliers.
The Flight App is designed to help relax passengers before and during flights by educating users about aerodynamics, flight safety and turbulence. It explains the sounds and sensations they can expect during departure, flight and landing.
And, if a passenger's flight stress reaches a panic level, they press a special 'panic button' which provides audio and written information to help decrease stress levels.
Perhaps most importantly, the Flight App can be used during the flight in the airplane mode. Once downloaded, the program doesn't require internet connection in the air.
For myself personally, the reassuringly sexy imagery created by that classic 10CC song I'm Mandy - Fly Me always got me through...

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