Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blessing In Disguise?

What started off seemingly as a joke is now a hot kumara: the issue of maori owning all the water in NZ.
As laughable as the entire concept is, the bros have now worked themselves into a feeding frenzy as intense as their Treaty money-lust! It would be obvious to a blind man that this is an attempt to delay the sale of state-owned assets, some of which are power companies using water for generation. Its obvious also that, as te Tiriti gravy train slows down for its inevitable final stop, the greedy among the good will push the others towards the next potential source of free money ie: a claim on all water, followed by the equally absurd claims being formulated on all air! (Remember the ridiculous attempts to claim all of the radio spectrum too?)
We want it ALL!
We want it NOW!
In fact, hundreds of maori leaders attended a national hui on water rights at Ngaruawahia this week, and declared they would not talk to the Crown until the water rights issue was settled. Water rights hui organiser Tuku Morgan: "This is a defining issue for maori across this country because water and maori are indivisable."
But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. If it's true that maori "will not talk to the Crown until the water rights issue is settled", then let's simply NEVER settle the water rights issue! Eezy-peezy! By their own admission, that'll mean NO more Treaty talk, NO more air claims talk, NO more demands for excessive representation on various boards, steering committees, management and advisory groups etc etc etc *yawn*
This country may then finally be able to bypass the past, and forge into the future, not bogged down in Treaty greed and grubbing, the Tiriti lawyers will have to find real work from which to leech their fees, the majority of taxpayers will not have to constantly bleed to support a few...
It may also mean we'll hear nothing ever again from the Itis, Morgans, Harawiras, Popatas and their like! This could indeed be a huge blessing in disguise! If only pigs could fly...

PS: 18 Sept.2012 - Alf Grumble discusses the maori water claim...

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