Friday, February 24, 2012

What's Hotter Than A Swedish Nurse?

Hotties - queue here!
Stockholm South General hospital is urging nurses looking "TV-series hot" to apply for a summer position in its emergency dept. A nursing degree might not be enough to land the job: the ad implies management are looking to hire their own Nurse McDreamy!
But officials say the description is merely a way of generating buzz about the job, just an attention-grabber: "Everybody else writes Summer Substitutes Wanted. We got something more catchy." So far, the ad's been well-received, with a statement on the hospital website to clarify things: "People understand it was written to catch their attention, there's been no negative feedback," says Nursing Manager Jorgen Andersson.
Perhaps Swedes have a broader sense of humour than the broads of Feminist Action...
A new group in NZ has launched a campaign against DB Breweries' latest Tui Beer ad showing klutz men outwitting scantily-clad female brewers in order to steal beer. It wants the TVC banned for degrading women and trivialising relationships.
Spokesman Leonie Morris reckons the message is that women are just sexual objects: "They're also saying women are stupid...the men are real dorks, but they still manage to outwit the women." However she's been ridiculed on talkback radio as hypersensitive and out-of-touch.
Tui's humorous advertising campaign uses stereotypes, heavy irony and the phrase "Yeah, Right", with lines like "Camilla for Queen? Yeah, Right" and "Aucklanders are people too. Yeah, Right".
Tui marketing manager Jarrod Bear says the Tui Brewery girls've been involved in ad campaigns since 2005 without complaint. "We salute Ms Morris for voicing her opinions and the public discussion it has created. The feedback Tui has received has been overwhelmingly supportive. Tui Brewery is an equal opportunities employer and we have no grounds for dismissal of the Tui Brewery girls, especially when they're doing such a good job." (Is that your tongue-in-cheek, Jarrod, or are you just pleased to see her?)


Anonymous said...

How pathetic! Who does she think she is - Davina Whitehouse??? GET A LIFE!

Madam said...

Good reading and I for one thoroughly enjoy the Tui adds, humorous and tastefully done...these PC action groups piss me off and if they find that sort of thing so offensive, perhaps they shouldn't bother watching tv....