Monday, February 20, 2012

Stick A Flower In It

An idea to remember those who died in the Christchurch earthquake is doing the rounds of social media websites.
A cartoon pic is asking Cantabrians to place a flower in a road-cone this Wednesday 22nd.February, one year after the devastating earthquake that killed 185 people.
The man behind it is Henry Sunderland, a CPIT design tutor, who says the idea stemmed from another campaign last Christmas that he also organised: "I've heard from the Christmas one that the little old ladies that go past, it made their day to see a bit of Christmas decoration. It just gave them a spark and lit them up and that's basically what it's about."
He says this is a nice way for people across Christchurch to remember those who died...just watch out for traffic when placing flowers in the road-cones.
So often we expect large council-organised remembrance ceremonies after events such as the big 'quake. However this is a very simple, cheap, effective idea anyone can participate in, anywhere in the country.
The EQ impacted on all of NZ. It would be special indeed to see flowers in roadcones all over the country this coming Wednesday.

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