Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well Past Due Date

Sunday's Waitangi confrontation highlighted that NZ Day celebrations will remain marred, until the radical fringe is banned.
New chair of Te Tii Marae, Rihari Dargaville, has threatened to end the traditional weekend welcomes for politicians if protesters don't behave next year: he'll use police to keep them back from official ceremonies.
On Sunday, PM John Key arrived at the marae along with Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples and other govt.MPs, but protesters drowned him out with abuse and the visit was cut short. In contrast, Monday's dawn service on the actual Treaty ground itself was calm, friendly... mature.
Pita Sharples is disappointed at the abuse, as his party is fighting for the same things protesters are (this surely indicates protesters have little grasp of what they're bitching about!). He says he's put his job on the line over the inclusion of Treaty provisions in the partial sale of four state-owned assets.
Rihari Dargaville's police threat however is like closing the stable door after the horse has gone! NZ knows from vast past experience how the rabid rabble will behave - verbal violence, projectiles, scuffles, zero respect for people or indeed the very culture they claim to be defending! Dargaville should have kept them back this year, or banned them entirely!
No surprise that Wikitana Popata, who assaulted John Key in 2009, was among those who abused him on Sunday. The 22yr.old rabid nephew of firebrand MP Hone Harawira says his generation has had enough (What? Unemployment benefits don't satisfy 'em anymore?) and doesn't want to talk to "the enemy" (if that's the case, why turn up at Waitangi? Wasn't that dialogue? Albeit foulmouthed and via a megaphone!). This same prat, on his poorly-supported march to Parliament over the Foreshore and Seabed Act last year, stated:
"We're gonna take over this country!" Riiiiiiiiight!
New Zealand Day/Waitangi Day is supposed to be a happy family one, a chance to reflect that this nation was formed peacefully. It's a chance to be thankful for the great country we have and the many opportunities it provides (including the right to peaceful protest).
Certain loudmouthed minority elements need to remember this.


Angie, Mt.Roskill said...

Just because the mob mentality ALWAYS happens up there, doesnt make it right. Why must they spoil it for everyone? I've wanted to take my kids to Waitangi for years, but I won't risk it while this continues.

Anonymous said...

Dargaville could also BAN megaphones, just like the Rugby World Cup banned vuvuzalas. If you can't hear the protesters, that's one less thing to worry about.