Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hackers Bite Off Less Than They Can Chew

The on-line activist group Anonymous
What??!! Y'mean...
came to New Zealand, and all they got was a t-shirt...
It's been revealed they hacked Foreign Minister Murray McCully's private email account last April. *shock*horror*probe*
So what was happening then, that made Anonymous so interested in The Womble? Well, NZ had passed laws cracking down on illegal file-sharing and threatening to disconnect repeat offenders from the internet. Muddling McCully was also trying to persuade us that a half-billion-dollar projected loss for the *yawn* Rugby World Cup was a good thing...and there was also the Tupperwaka ruckus! So really, the earth wasn't movin' in the world of Foreign Affairs...
PM John Key's confident the hackers didn't get any sensitive information because if they had, "it would be on the net by now". No shit, Sherlock!
While the hacked email was a private one, McCully had asked his staff to forward official emails to it. (Duuuuhhh!! Shall I get a school kid to brief you on internet security basics?) That really was silly, Womble: you can access your work email account from anywhere anyway, so why double any risk? Ahhhhhh, I know why - the PM gave us the answer: because there was nothing interesting in Muddling McCully's emails AT ALL! NOT a
good password???
All the hackers did was send on a few piss-take emails from his account, and
go looking for some real targets (they screwed the FBI, US Justice Dept.,CIA and French presidential websites instead).
Muddling McCully wouldn't detail those mocking emails: "I don't want to give people ideas." Oh, we've got the idea, all right, Muzz. It's official. The hackers have proved really ARE the most booooring womble in NZ politics!

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