Monday, February 6, 2012

Hare's Lookin' At You, Kid!

A self-taught sheep-herding Swedish rabbit has hopped into the hearts of YouTube viewers around the world.
Champis, a 5-yr.old pet rabbit owned by a family in the village of Kal in northern Sweden has become an online sensation, with a video displaying his impressive farm-management skills getting over 740,000 YouTube views in a week!
The clip shows Champis running back and forth on the farm, keeping his master's sheep together. This is a tough enough job for a dog to learn, but extremely impressive for a rabbit! The beige bunny has never been trained for the job but seems to have learned the ropes all on his own, by watching trained sheepdogs do the job.
Champis is a dwarf-rabbit, a European breed of bunny, smaller than a typical Swedish wild rabbit. Despite his tiny size, the sheep seem to pay their miniscule minder a world of respect, letting him herd them around when he feels they need some moving. Mind you, as Monty Python pointed out, sheep are very dim!

[And if you're wondering about the song in the video clip, it's Run Rabbit Run and dates back to British theatre in the 1930s...]

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