Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Company You Keep

Could the archetypal British dish of fish'n'chips be actually supporting the killing of endangered fin whales?
Unwitting Brits are eating fish, caught by an Icelandic firm with links to a company that resumed commercial whaling this year.
Campaigners are calling on Warners Fish Merchants in Doncaster (which supplies 8% of Britain's fish'n'chip shops) to halt imports from the Icelandic fishing giant, HB Grandi, which has close links with the whaling company Hvalur.
The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) believes up to 90 fin have been killed by Hvalur since hunting in Icelandic waters resumed after a two-year hiatus. The fin whale was heavily hunted during the C20th., and is classed as 'endangered'.
Clare Perry, EIA: "Warners and other British companies should ensure there are absolutely no ties to whaling, before importing fish from Icelandic companies or other companies from whaling countries like Norway, Japan and the Faroe Islands."
Warners describes itself as having "a strong relationship with HB Grandi", and thus is fully aware that Kristjan Loftsson (owner of Hvalur) is chairman of its board, and that the companies share processing facilities.
"HB Grandi has in the past leased one of its buildings to Hvalur for processing whale meat," says Gary Warner, "...but HB Grandi does not have any quota on whales, nor does it catch or process whales." So, Gazza, just because HB Grandi doesn't actually fire the explosive harpoons, that makes its chummy association with Hvalur and bloodthirsty Loftsson ok?
In May 2011, major UK seafood supplier Findus marked HB Grandi as 'unacceptable' across its entire supply chain, for its whaling links. And in June 2012, HB Grandi was banned from supplying seafood to the 2012 London Olympics, for the very same reason!
It doesn't take a brain surgeon to read the writing on the wall: any association with any company linked to whaling will cost businesses dearly! Can Warners afford to lose 8% of its trade, because of the company it keeps...
Warners Fish Merchants: proudly supporting HB Grandi...

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