Sunday, September 22, 2013

Christchurch CBD: It's OFF!

This week saw the official start of construction, of the first stage of a $140m Christchurch CBD development on Oxford Terrace.
Flamboyant property developer Antony Gough says, while the Feb.22 EQ had a devastating effect on the hospitality area known as The Strip, it'd provided an opportunity for him ''to create an even better and more vibrant'' area.  The Terrace would be made up of buildings of various styles and forms, all facing into a central piazza. The buildings closest to the middle would be 2-3 storeys, while the largest outer building would be seven storeys.
Gough: "The Terrace will combine the best of global urban design with unique features of Christchurch to deliver a village development that will be a landmark in the city for the next 100 years."
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry 'Bulldozer' Brownlee hailed Gough as the CBD's greatest champion who'd been incredibly positive about the recovery from the onset. [Hmmmm, well, that sure can't be said about 'Who Ate all The Pies?' Brownlee, can it!!]: ''The Terrace is another really important milestone of the road to recovery.''
- Stage 1: includes two buildings facing onto Oxford Tce; a third facing onto Hereford St.; scheduled to open in late 2014 and will include retail, hospitality and office space
- Stage 2: starts early next year; includes two buildings that'll complete the central piazza
- Residential apartments may form part of the later Stage 3.
- The completed development will include 45,000sq.m of built space where up to 2000 people are expected to work.

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